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  1. Good morning prairie pops!

    It looks to me like there is some fine blogging times on the horizon, because these clouds look like we will have a wet weekend. That means I must get out and get the mowing done now. See you when things are battened down in preparation for the storms. Even if the storms don’t come, the outside work will be done and I will easily convince myself I earned some blogging time. 😉

  2. David B

    The garden centers will be pounded today, I bet.
    I just finished building some 5 X 5 raised planting beds, and no plants in the ground yet. I feel like I’m a month behind.

  3. prairiepond

    Hi Y’all. Sorry I havent been around lately. I’m so busy with farm and newspaper that I dont know whether to scratch my watch or wind my butt!

    Like Fnord, I’ll be back later after the chickens are watered and fed, and I run to the neighbor’s place to feed and water their dog.

    ‘Cause that’s how we ROLL out here! Heheheheh.


  4. Morning Pondie and friends. Speaking of Kansas farmers….most of the folks I’ve met on the job are extremely nice! However, there are too many Rush and BillO ‘believers’ out there. Just yesterday I had two men mention that they are ‘packing’ as we speak, and one guy went on a rant about refusing to participate in the census because Obama is a socialist who is ruining American society.
    And all I can say is NO OPINION.

  5. My yard grows (not the grass, the size of the whole thing!) when it’s being mowed, does yours do that? Does feel good to have the mowing done, but there is soooo much more needing to be tackled. Boy, David, you said it best about feeling like you are a month behind! But now that the mowing is done, I’m tired!

    An interesting situation is taking shape in Pennsylvania. Arlen Spector (R — PA) isn’t in favor with the “Conservatives” in his state and is being challenged by Pat Toomey who is reported to hold huge leads already among Republican voters. Toomey is a true conservative — radical as hell! Here’s where this gets interesting.

    Last fall during the battle between Senators Clinton and Obama many of the moderate Republicans (the very ones who normally have voted for Spector) changed their registration to Democrat so they could vote in those primaries. And they aren’t likely to change back to being registered Republicans for a couple of reasons — they are moderate and the Republican Party in their state doesn’t represent them at all, plus there is a highly contested primary race forming for the candidate who will oppose the winner of the Spector / Toomey contest.

    So although it looks like Spector will lose at the primary level, there is no way in the world Toomey (right wing nut job) can win in the general!

    What this means is Pennsylvania will very likely flip and give the Democrats their 60th seat in the Senate (if Franken is seated by January 2010).

    Now isn’t that a nice little story with a happy ending!?

  6. iggydonnelly

    Today in Topeka, my daughter won second place in the Documentary division of the State level History Day contest. She gets a scholarship to compete in the national contest in Washington, D.C. this summer. Her dad is proud.

  7. iggydonnelly

    My daughter is an 8th grader.

  8. Her Dad has every reason to be proud. I’m glad you shared the good news. When will she go to DC?

    • iggydonnelly

      Emily will be in D.C. late June, or early July. Pretty uncomfortable there at that time of year with respect to weather.

      She was accepted into the IB program at East High for next year and had planned to take her P.E. requirement this summer. It is not clear if she can miss classes. I will have to figure that stuff out.

      The E and I thank you for your support!

      Emily is a great jazz bass guitar player, by the way…

  9. wicked

    iggy, that’s fantastic! I wonder where she got that love of history? 🙂 Tell her we’re all rooting for her!!

  10. wicked

    I have a funny happened-to-me-today story.

    I went to the “beauty shop” to get my hair cut. My haircutter is a friend from high school. I can’t remember why I mentioned Sarah (Palin), but something was said and the name popped into my head and out my mouth.

    My friend said, “I like her!”

    I laughed and said, “Good! You can have her!”

    (End of political discussion. 😉 )

    Later, she gave me a copy of the letter her hubby received regarding his class reunion. Although the 3 of us went to junior high together, his parents moved to Alaska shortly after that and he attended high school there. So we’re all good friends from way back.

    I was looking at the letter and noticed that one person on the reunion committee had a very familiar address. Wasilla, AK. I asked my friend if that was for real, and she said it was. Apparently her hubby lived very near there during his H.S. years. He joined the Marines not long after graduation and ended up living back here, where the two of them took up their friendship and went a step farther to marriage.

    Political talk with friends is forbidden for me, unless I know they have similar opinions to mine, so I didn’t mention anything else, except, “Wow.” Friends are too precious to lose over something as divisive as politics, so I tend to lean toward the cautious. But I’m still going, “wow”. LOL

  11. iggydonnelly


    Cool story.

    I went to my 20th H.S. reunion and have tried to avoid them since. Those folks are all nice people, so am I; we just live on different planets.

    I have been in an email conversation with a blogger from the other place currently known as HLP. He wants to start a book club. I wouldn’t mind doing that, if he would keep his dog/son at home.

    Different planets once again. Sad…