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I’ve never been anywhere that has more beautiful sunsets than Kansas. Have you? This was taken in Northeastern Kansas, but I’ve seen the sun set in all parts of Kansas and am convinced sunsets in our state can’t be beaten!

What do you want to talk about today?



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  1. Latest from Mary —

    “Two steps forward and one step back…
    Like I told you in my last email, Dave developed an irregular heart rhythm, and instead of waiting for his dr’s appt, he ended up in ER and back in CCU. They had to shock his heart to get it back into normal rhythm, and now he has an elevated white cell count and a temp. They put him on back on antibiotics and made some other med changes. They also did blood cultures and a sonogram of his liver because the enzymes were elevated . We don’t know any of the results yet. He’s hoping like heck he can come home tomorrow, he really hates being there and he’s starting to wonder if maybe they’re trying to kill him 🙂 His sister is staying at least through next week and that is very helpful to both of us.
    Please keep him in your prayers….he has a long road to go before he’ll be back to his old self again. Thanks for all your support, Mary”

  2. Re sunsets: I also much admire Kansas sunsets. There have been more than a few occasions when I’ve been driving and the sunset was so spectacularly beautiful that my admiration of it actually impaired my driving a bit. That said, a place I’ve been whose sunsets certainly rival Kansas’, though, is the Alabama Gulf coast.

    Also: a belated thank-you for the warm welcome the other day, and a quick note to say that I’ve linked to you on both my blogs. No doubt you’ve seen your traffic increase exponentially as a result . . .

    • While visiting the island of Kauai, I was told I couldn’t miss the world’s best sunset, so should be in this certain place overlooking Hanalei Bay (they should write a song 😉 .)

      So I was there, expectations high, and I promise that on that evening Kansas sunsets outshine those over Hanalei Bay. Doesn’t it have something to do with the dust in the air? And since we have enough wind and farming we also always have dust in the air?

  3. annie_moose

    If Mary needs any help around the homestead I would be happy to donate time and labor. Please pass that on.

    ps where do i go to gets me a werdpress acount i aint the sharpest tool in the shed

  4. Bad Biker

    Does anyone know why I am awake and on my fourth cup of coffee at this hour of the morning? If so, please e-mail me…..


  5. annie_moose

    Blog Stats

    * 9,787 hits

    Can we get this to 10k today

  6. annie_moose

    conservation with a wingnut

  7. annie_moose

    one of my favorite commercials

    be back later

  8. Ok, annie, you are one of the sharpest tools, but we all need some help sometimes on some things. Scroll all the way to the bottom of this page and click on the words WORDPRESS.COM, when you get there there should be a click for setting up an account (or whatever other words they may use). I tried to fool it and it still said, “Welcome back, fnord.” Anyway, I remember it as a click and then following directions. I could read the book but try this first. Then the book…

    btw, Mary’s email above came in late last night (after 11:30) so the “tomorrow” that Dave is hoping to go home is already here. I think they use more than the patient wanting to leave for the criteria of dismissal. I will pass along your kind offer to Mary, annie!

  9. annie_moose

    thanks fnord,

    I’m glad I don’t live on the left coast things are tough out there

  10. I read a short piece in the April 27 Newsweek, that I think you will enjoy. A 21 year old English major who says he had “the ultimate secular liberal upbringing,” spent a semester at Liberty University. He attends Brown University where students are encouraged to spend a semester away, and many of the students are off to Europe or someplace abroad. He went to Liberty because he thought it was “irresponsible of me not to know about my peers.”

    He is now a senior and back at Brown, but as the result of his semester at Liberty, he wrote a book titled, “The Unlikely Disciple.” He says the book is actually in the campus bookstore at Liberty complete with a disclaimer saying, “Some of this may not be appropriate.”

    This is one quote from the Newsweek article —

    “I had to follow their 46-page code of conduct: no drinking, no cursing, no hugs lasting longer than three seconds. So there goes, like, 95 percent of my day.”

    Read the article here:

    • iggydonnelly

      From my travels to D.C. a couple of years ago, I was going to say that I met someone from Liberty University, but actually she was from Truman State University (formerly NE Missouri State).

      Then I remembered I have a nephew who took some on-line courses from Liberty. I think he and his wife must have received some special consideration on the hugging rules since they are expecting their first child in a month or two.

  11. tosmarttobegop

    Well normal Ok lately anyway, I start out on that other blog to get my internal anger out.
    Yesterday I spend far too much time there angering the Cons there. Torture is more the symptom not the illness. So Other then the one from OK who at least tried to come back with some logic. I got the one who is as I like my coffee to finally lump me with the terrorist-loving Liberals. I guess that was as close as he would come to referring to my parentage.

    But this morning I am starting out here as my better angels want to come first.
    The weather is coming around to my favorite time of year, I am a summer boy!
    Though it also means I do not have an excuse and must mow the grass.
    LOL when I first looked at this house I stood in the yard and said “Wow look at all these trees!”.
    But then the first good wind storm I stood in the house and said “ OMG all these trees!”.
    It took me nearly four hours yesterday to pick up all the limbs and twigs.
    Today I will have to finish the mowing I did not finish yesterday.
    The wife is home but she is going with her dad to do some of his chores.
    He is trying to adjust to life without my mother-in-law she as often is in the household took care of many of the financial chores.

    Well on to other topics and fun later….

  12. Thunderchild worked hard here at my house yesterday, will be back today and probably a few more days before what I want done is finished. He is removing some plants, and not just any plants, but yucca, which are horrible and difficult. Then after that removal, there is preparing that bed for some other plants to be relocated there. Much hard work!

    I helped! Some. Enough to feel some aching muscles today.

    I know what you mean about trees, tstb! We have two big Oak trees in the front yard — big enough you can’t reach around the trunks — and they don’t lose all their leaves in the fall. In fact, when they dump the last of their leaves it is a true sign spring is here. So, starting in the fall and going all the way to the spring we get leaves from those trees. I like them, but I think the kinds of trees that let you clean up their mess in a few weeks each fall are more considerate!

  13. What is everyone’s opinion on the millions of dollars being given to universities anonymously? The only factor they’ve found these 12 or 13 universities to have in common is that they are led by women!

    This morning’s Eagle said, “With about 23 percent of U.S. college presidents women, the odds of a dozen randomly selected institutions all having female leaders are 1 in 50 million.”

  14. lilacluvr

    I have not read about the millions being given to universities. Interesting commonality, though.

    I’m glad someone is thinking enough of giving their money to universities, whether they are female or male. Now, I just hope the universities put the money to good use.

  15. Zippy

    This is an uncommonly good time to give to state universities, as, like other government-funded universities, they are on serious hard time right now. UA is a world-class research university, and is dealing with draconian cuts in funding.

    I post at that other blog, I think, just to try to inject some reality to counter the usual talking points (and, yes, to annoy the cons! 🙂 ). But staying away–either due to work or just burnout–has a beneficial effect on my attitude.

    I’ll drop a line these days if I actually think I have something truly worthwhile to say ! 🙂

  16. I consider “Hi!” worthwhile. That probably explains why we find your posts interesting! 😉

  17. annie_moose

    happy friday all
    ohh to be young again

    Music :rudolf schenker
    Lyrics:klaus meine

    The job is done and I go out
    Another boring day
    I leave it all behind me now
    So many worlds away

    I meet my girl, she’s dressed to kill
    And all we gonna do
    Is walk around to catch the thrill
    On streets we call the zoo

    We eat the night, we drink the time
    Make our dreams come true
    And hungry eyes are passing by
    On streets we call the zoo

  18. iggydonnelly

    I can’t remember the name of the moth, but there is one species that has a reciprocal obligatory relationship with yucca plant. The plant needs the moth to fertilize it and somehow the moth needs the yucca – for depositing its eggs, maybe?

    I like yucca in that they don’t require much maintenance, but they are kind of sharp when you get too close.

    Tell TC “hi’ for me.

  19. I just got off the phone with 6176. Where do I start? First, it’s not good news, but it’s not nearly as bad as it could be.

    At around 9:30ish last Monday morning he had a stroke. He’s been in neuro CCU until this afternoon when he was transferred to a rehab hospital.

    He was typing an entry for our blog when his right hand quit working, he stood up on his left leg which worked quite well. He attempted to put weight on his right leg and fell back into his chair. Then, like the intelligent, sensible, level headed and pragmatic man we all know and love he called 911. He was alone in his office. He told the man at 911 his symptoms, exactly where he was, and, of course, stayed on the phone until the emergency responders arrived (we’ve all seen the television shows!).

    When the EMTs were discussing the best way to get him to the gurney, he interrupted (politely!) to suggest since he was sitting in a chair with wheels they roll him in the chair to the reception area where there was ample space to make the transfer.

    He said there are two thresholds that make a difference — 20 minutes and three hours. He beat the first one! He is in good shape mainly due to his level-headed fast thinking! He doesn’t have any involuntary control over his right arm or leg, but is sharp as a tack, says his memory is in tact, there is no effect to his speech.

    This explanation sounds just like him, doesn’t it!?

    I was given permission to tell all of you — he worried that someone would think he was being rude. He finally, after being reminded, admitted he realizes we all care. He said he would welcome company either in person or by phone. You’ll need to email or call me for those particulars.

    He will have intensive rehab for several hours each day, but otherwise is going to get bored according to him.

  20. David B

    Oh dear…

  21. Thunderchild

    DO tell Vaughn I hope he feels better soon.

    Yup, I fought the yucca and I won.

    Knock wood.

    Admirably tough stuff. If you try to kill it and you don’t know what you are doing you actually make it spread!

    I uh,,,,I saved a start and fnord has lots more if anyone wants any. Be aware though, that if you plant yucca, you better be ok with it surviving you.

  22. lilacluvr

    fnord… sounds like 6176 did all the right things at the right time. I admire his strength and state of mind to be able to handle things that well. Tell him for me that he is in my thoughts and prayers.

  23. iggydonnelly


    Thanks for the news RE: 6, etc. I am grateful he is doing well. Email me, if I can do more. Thanks for all you do.

    Wednesday night I went to a fund raising event at the school 6,etc. volunteers for. It was great.


  24. prairiepond

    OMG, 617? Say it isnt so…..

    Good thinking and quick action for him.

    I’m shocked. Please give him my best. I really love that guy!