“Lurkers” are “Welcome Guests” Here!

The words lurk and lurker acquired a negative connotation on the internets [sic].  The verb and noun were seen in a  less than a positive way in the days of Bulletin Boards – those times are behind us, folks.
WordPress provides statistics that make us think that we are having some visitors who do not post.  This thread is for first time posters only.  Say “hi”,” STFU!” (Stand the Floor up!), whatever!


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10 responses to ““Lurkers” are “Welcome Guests” Here!

  1. Bad Biker

    I tried lurking once, but her boyfriend caught me at it and I had to run for my life.

    (JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

  2. Zippy

    I actually lurk a fair amount. Believe it or not, even when I have time, I don’t always blurt out what’s on my mind! 😉

  3. I like the graph that’s very amusing. You left out stalkers and circle jerks though. lol

    Not that I fit into either of those categories but I do harbor some voyeuristic tendencies.

  4. Iggy,

    They did it first! Doesn’t that somehow, some way make me less guilty? 😉

    Welcome all you lurkers who we have heard from but not nearly often enough! Come back, sit down and share what you’re thinking about.

  5. Can’t you just hear your Mom when you tell her “they did it first?” Next she asks if you would follow and jump off the cliff…

  6. iggydonnelly

    My somewhat urban mother said, if they jumped out of a window in a tall building, would you do it, too?

    Maybe an updated version???

  7. iggydonnelly

    I liked the graph, too. I had never heard of the “visual thesaurus” – the graph reminded me of cluster analysis graphs. Cluster analysis is where judgments about the similarities between things are made and then analyzed. I saw one once on the similarities between presidents – not able to find that on the internets today, unfortunately.

  8. Trip to the Outhouse

    I don’t really think I’m really a lurker, as this is just my 2nd or perhaps 3rd time to check in here, but I if reading a lot of the posts is considered “lurking”, then I guess maybe I was guilty the other night.

    I just found y’all doing a wordpress tag search, and was pleasantly surprised that there might be some people from my old state (notice I didn’t say old people from my state), who aren’t so far from my way of thinking. And, hey, I added a link to my blog (triptotheouthouse.wordpress.com), I don’t think lurkers usually do that.

    I grew up enthralled with Kansas history, and to a lesser extent, its politics. However, I’ve made my life in Texas for the past 27 years, so I know the road back and forth pretty well–I-45, then 35, then finally K-96 (and a couple of homemade billboards that give rise to me using my freedom speech and “freedom of finger” as I drive by.)

    I agree that the Kansas sunsets are some of the prettiest I’ve seen, but I think one of the best vistas that I’ve experienced anywhere happened about a year ago was when I was making a little driving loop from my sister’s in Lyons, up through my old stomping grounds in eastern Russell County, out past Wilson Lake, through Sylvan Grove, where I worked a couple summers when I was in college, and then drove south out of Lincoln. I hadn’t been on that road for I don’t know how many years, when “kaboom”, there was that amazing wind farm–with those towering generators, standing so tall and going east as far as the eye could see.

    I had to stop the car and just take a look. If anyone thinks they have destroyed the beauty of that desolate pastureland, they are mistaken; they’ve added to it X squared.

    Anyway, maybe I’ve written enough not to be considered a lurker, but anyway, next time I come, I’ll scrape my shoes and knock before I enter.

  9. Beautiful!

    I’ve had those same experiences — seeing the massive wind farms and knowing for sure that’s a road to better, an improvement!

    Our blog’s PrairiePond is a Kansan whose heart often goes to Texas. Stick around and meet her — you won’t be disappointed!

    You’ll never write too much and what you want to write will always be welcome, so pull up a chair and stay awhile.

    It’s late tonight after a too-long day, so I’ll wait until tomorrow to visit your blog! But, count on me tomorrow.

  10. iggydonnelly

    Welcome Trip! You sound like our kind of folks. I lived in Ellis, Kansas in the late 70’s and early 80’s. My daughter insists that I have been stuck in graduate school ever since.

    This weekend, Emily, my daughter, is in Topeka vying for 1st or 2nd place in the Kansas History day. Her contributor to history she’s presenting on: Carl Jung. She seems to understand his theory, which I don’t, quite frankly.

    I am very proud of my daughter.