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  1. An update from Mary:

    “Dave is doing a little better each day, but last night developed a rapid heart beat, I called his doctor and he assured me it was normal after bypass surgery, said most patients develop Atrial Fibrillation for a while. He’s seeing the cardiologist today.
    He didn’t sleep well last night, don’t know if it was related to the A-Fib or not. He only took half of a sleeping pill, he probably should have just taken the full dose.
    Anyway, he hasn’t had much pain for the last few days and spent some time outside yesterday.
    Thanks again for all the cards, prayers, and good thoughts. We have had such wonderful support from our friends and family. You all mean so much to us. Love you all, Mary”

    • Bad Biker

      I am sure that all of the folks here join me in wishing all the best to Dave and Mary during this difficult time. Mary and her man will remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Something to be alarmed about.
    I just saw a banker on the boob tube, he was visiting a GRADE SCHOOL to talk about credit cards and how they are not ‘bad things’.

  3. wicked

    gitz back

    i haz a fierce

    Would someone tell me what language this is? I avoid these cheezbooger things because of it.

  4. It’s a fun(ny) and rather stupid language. I agree. Sometimes, occasionally, maybe for some it is a letting the hair down way to be childish.

    However, in our world of reduced language skills I can certainly see it could be offensive. Most especially to someone who makes their living from crafting words correctly.

    I’ll consider that we should do better, and leave that language to the site famous for it. (It was the picture I wanted, not the caption.) Thanks, wicked! 😉

  5. Bad Biker

    An official ruling is needed on an acceptable amount of cussin’, since I am about to go on a rant. For now I will use the time-honored #$#% method……

    (I need to vent and no one is around to yell at.)

    I am working this re-mod project for a friend of a friend. The deal was: I would remove the old paneling, sheet rock the joint and then the homeowner’s so-called #$%^ professional dry-waller #$@$$%&* grandson would do the @#$%* mud and tape, then I would finish the paint and molding.

    Well, I finished my initial phase last Friday and the little SOB was supposed to M/T over the weekend.

    Instead of doing the job, the little ($!%$$^ got his @$$ tossed in jail, so come Monday, I did the first round of M/T and did the sanding yesterday. (Grandma bailed his @$$ out.) The deal was then, the ##%^#^* was going to skim coat last night so that I could prime sometime today………………….

    Well, it’s 9:00 AM Wednesday and not a %#^* !@$^* !$%@& has been done yet, and the little #$^% is nowhere to be found.

    @$$^@& #$%^&*$ %(#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am three days behind on this project and have put in an extra two days of work that were not on the original bid.

    @$$^@& #$%^&*$ %(#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I only took this job as a $%& * FAVOR to this friend of a friend, an elderly lady.

    I am seriously %*$$!# off this morning.

    (Okay, I am done venting now. Thank you all for putting up with me, as usual.)

    • jammer5

      BB, one of the things I learned a long time ago was to ignore family, friends, and friends of friends when it comes to doing repairs of any kind. It creates nothing but hate and discontent, and usually leads to friends becoming non-friends. I always tell em to hire a pro. The rest ain’t worth it.

    • frigginloon

      Just use friggin!!! It is the totally wrong way to get plastered!! 🙂

  6. Another Republican who is worried about losing the influence of their parties leader?

    “Rep. Todd Tiahrt: Rush Limbaugh “Just An Entertainer” [Updated With Apology]

    Less than a week after calling conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh a mere “entertainer,” the apology from Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-Ks.) has arrived. Not only did Tiahrt deny any attempt to denigrate Limbaugh, Tiahrt’s spokesman called Limbaugh a “great leader.”

    “The congressman believes Rush is a great leader of the conservative movement in America — not a party leader responsible for election losses,” the spokesman said, according to the Wichita Eagle. “Nothing the congressman said diminished the role Rush has played and continues to play in the conservative movement.”

    • lilacluvr

      I read in the Huffington Post last week about Tiarht’s dissing Rush. I wondered how long it would take Toddie to go begging Rush for forgiveness.

      For all their ranting and raving that Rush is not their leader, every Republican so far has run to Rush for forgiveness when they slip up and the truth comes out of their forked tongues.

      I think Obama did the best thing possible in the first week or two of his presidency when he painted Rush as the GOP leader. That has stuck with them and Rush’s approval rating has been going down ever since.

      It’s going to be a bumpy next 4 years.

  7. wicked

    Ah, Biker. 😦

    Aren’t you aware that no one under 30 has to be responsible? Over 30, either, for some. Or if you have a vowel in your name.

  8. wicked

    Sorry, fnord. I’d say I was pms-ing but– never mind.

    The thing with the goofy language is that it takes my brain several seconds to translate into real English. By then, the humor is badly disabled. Is it funny? The comments, if understandable, would be, but by the time I figure out that

    back=back (wow! no translation! how come?)

    i= I (yeah, I got that)
    haz= (short for hazardous? as in hazardous reading?) have
    a= a (whoopie!)
    fierce= (okay, the word is fierce. But a fierce what?)

    So what this kitty is saying is, “Get back! I’m p!ssed off!”

    You’re probably right. It has to do with me and an obsession with language/words. If I didn’t have to figure out what it all meant, I’d enjoy it much more. For those of you who “get it”, enjoy the chuckles!

  9. annie_moose

    I feel your pain bad biker. I have been in your position many times in the past. It takes a special kind of person to work with John Q. Public, anybody that can do it is a better human being than me.

  10. We attended “Jazz in the Round,” last night at Northwest High School. It featured seven of our local high school’s jazz bands and an area jazz ensemble made up of high-school aged students from the southeast part of Kansas. Boy do we have some talent in our area!

    The high schools were West, South, Southeast, Heights, North, Northwest and East. Each one was great! The admittance fee — FREE. You just can’t get any better!

    There were hardly any people there. Honestly! There weren’t enough people in the audience to make one person per performing student. My grandson was the main reason five people (two parents, three grandparents) were in attendance. We went because he was in one of the jazz bands, and then we were treated to some fantastic music! I felt sad to know that many of these talented hard-working young adults had no one they knew in that audience.

    I guess apathy goes beyond politics. 😦

    • lilacluvr

      This is a sad commentary on our society. That was one thing my husband and always did was to make sure our kids knew we were in the audience at anything at school. It helps them know they are surrounded by love and supported in whatever activity they choose.

      I have several friends who have recently retired from teaching and the main reason they give is the apathy of the parents. And it seems to cross all social and economic lines.

      I don’t know what the answer is, fnord. But I remember some great school moments from my own childhood. My husband and I always made sure we were at our children’s school programs and activities – all of them – sports, musical, drama and spelling bees. It is so important to children’s development they know they are supported and loved.

      I guess I am a dinosaur from the Stone Age, huh?

    • wicked

      I’m a dinosaur too, lilac. I went to everything. Well, let me backtrack. I didn’t make it to all the volleyball games, because I had a little one at that time and spent most of my time when I did go, out in the hall with her. But I never missed a parent-teacher conference, in spite of overhearing two teachers saying that the parents they really needed to talk to never attended a conference.

    • QnofHrts

      I must be a young dinosaur. I’ve been to just about every parent/teacher conference, spelling/geography bee, band concert, choir concert, field day, most field trips , plays, sports practice and games, met the kids for lunch just because, and been room mother a couple times. I see a lot of apathy – but I see a lot of involvement too. Maybe it’s the small district vs. a very very large district. Or maybe it’s the ‘me’ generation growing up and still putting themselves first.

  11. I read a report saying another positive being seen from this economic recession is that high-school dropouts are dropping back in. They found it impossible to get jobs and are going back to school. They are enrolling in alternative programs aimed at those who are a little older, and have been out of the classroom for awhile. Anytime more are seeking an education that’s a positive for all of us.

  12. tosmarttobegop

    This afternoon when I got home my wife was laying on the couch and had a heavy brow. I asked her what was wrong and she handed me a memo from the company she works for. Due to lack of sales the company was taking steps to cut costs. Until further notice the following will be done:
    There will be no paid Holidays,
    There will no longer be any vacation pay accrued.
    There will be no matching funds for education tuition.
    There will be no matching fund for employee’s club.
    Also for the foreseeable future there will be random one to two week furloughs.

  13. I’m sorry to hear that, tstb! Give her an extra hug from me. It’s hard to give up some of the things that make employment a little nicer, and of course those “furloughs” are really scary sounding.

    I guess we should all be grateful the company is willing to keep everyone on and try to cut back here and there in order to survive and keep going. It’s hard to see the silver linings when the dark clouds get so close and threatening.

  14. lilacluvr

    toosmart….tell your wife to hang in there. Hopefully brighter days are ahead.

  15. Thunderchild


    I’m surprised that in the information age, we are not more aware of these school events.

    I went to Wichita South. While I was there, the school started an annual variety show called “Titanantics” and apparently that show continues every year to this day. SO, I’d like to go but can find no information on it. Schools should advertise better.

    I haz a fierce! I should use that! Due to texting, slang, and the continuous addition of new words, I think language is de- evolving into symbols, grunts, and noises. Consider the word “pwned” which defies the rules for English phonetics but will no doubt soon be part of the dictionary.

  16. Thunderchild, the name of that shrub I couldn’t for the life of me remember is Spirea! Knew it would come to me when I didn’t need to remember it. Tell your Mom. And also tell her how much I enjoyed meeting her!

  17. Thunderchild

    Spirea, transplanting. Got it.

    BAD news dear. Yucca is almost impossible to get rid of. Most of my research says that if you don’t like Yucca, you have two choices:

    1 Learn to like it.

    2 Move

    I won’t make you learn to like it or move. But this stuff looks more stubborn than a con on a bender.

    I like a challenge.

    Mom enjoyed meeting you too. You must go and see her yard sometime.

  18. wicked

    Spirea: Small leaves, white cluster flowers about an inch in diameter? There were always spirea bushes when I was growing up. In fact, there was a bush at the corner of our drive on the farm. That and the tree-that-wouldn’t die.

  19. lilacluvr

    TC brings up a good point about school events.

    I wonder, do all individual schools use the same policy in advertising events and do they do the advertising or does advertising for all schools go through some downtown 259 office?

    I’m a Chicago, Illinois transplant and my kids went to Rose Hill schools. I have no knowledge of the Dist. 259 policies.

    We now live in Wichita and there is an elementary school close by but the only advertising I see is on their school sign. But if neighborhood people dont drive by the school, then how would we know when special events were scheduled?

    When I went to school, the entire neighborhood knew what was going on at the school. But in my childhood, all the parents knew whose kids belonged to which family and they all watched out as the kids all played together. If any one of us kids started any trouble, we got yelled at by whichever parent was nearby and then by the time we got home, our own parents knew it too.

    Is that what is missing from our society today – people don’t know their neighbors and don’t watch out for each other? Are we all so wrapped up in our own busy lives that we don’t even think to look up or look over to the neighbors to even speak or wave to them?

  20. Television, Lilac. And both parents working and coming home to face the other tasks of keeping a family fed, clean, home maintained… I’m not trying to convince anyone these are acceptable excuses to miss your own children’s activities!

    It’s been forever since I had kids in 259, and I’m limited to what I know about my grandkids schools (I don’t know as much as I would if I were the parent!). Most grade schools send home a weekly packet and parents are told to expect the packet on this certain day of the week. Inside the packet are the announcements, the permission for field trips, the many things parents need to see to keep up with their child. And, in cost cutting measures, if two or more children from a family attend the same school they try not to duplicate the announcements.

    When you get to middle school, most of them have a monthly newsletter that is mailed to the address of record.

    High school? I don’t know. I think each of the schools has a website presence, and I think each has a publication put together by the students who are studying all things to do with pubs — journalism, photography, layout… I’ve seen these student-produced publications, and again, we have some really talented young adults in our schools!

  21. QnofHrts

    In our school district all households in the district receive by mail a school calendar in early August. I get out my highlighter and start marking. The high schooler activities is one color, the kindergartener another and misc activities are a different. That way I can look at the calendar and see what’s going on. There is also an online version of the same calendar on the school districts website. And my kindergartener brings home a packet every Friday with her graded assignments and a note from the teacher of what’s coming up in their studies and any activities.
    And I email teachers regularly so that keeps me informed too.

    Does 259 have any of those resources?

  22. I think all of those same resources are included for 259 parents.

    Guess we’re back to wondering why and how some parents ignore them?