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  1. Sorry so absent. More work work work.

  2. I’m sorry too! I miss you and your good thoughts. But, ya know, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do!

  3. Hi ya Fnord, saw your link on Friggin Loon…just thought I would swing by. I guess it is BYO for foreigners!!!!!

  4. From The Mudflats (my favorite Alaskan blog)

    Best Freudian Typo

    In an email from the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee:

    “Governor Palin represents so many everyday average working people. She shares our conservative values and is our standard barrier [sic]. That is why I am so passionate about our work and cause here at the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee.”


    Looks like Palin and her crew don’t limit word salad to the verbal. giggle

  5. David B

    Don’t miss John Stewart on the reaction to the release of the torture memos…


    • tosmarttobegop

      Yeah, I am getting the feeling that this will be handled the same way your mother did when she walked into the bedroom and caught you getting familar with your own body!
      Shut the door and quietly walked away. No eye contact the next day and never to be mention.

  6. wicked

    Iggy, dahling, you got a mention on Douglas & Main, linking back to your Musings about PPP post. 😉

  7. wicked

    sekan, whatever pays the bills…and is legal. We miss you but understand.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    I am troubled by the President’s response to the terror memos, I do agree to an extent with his decision to not seek criminal action against the lower level CIA that were assured that the torture was legal.
    But not with his statements above the authors of the memos.

    It leaves me with the feeling that there has been a terror-able wrong and he is making a conscious decision to ignore it. I do not see the reasoning for such a decision or the justice in it. In a real sense it would be like saying “Oh you know there is no real good use in dwelling on the attacks on 9-11 we must keep looking forward!”.

    It is not that was done to some terrorist, it’s about as President Obama keeps saying “defending American values”. Its more the moral issue then the criminal issue, its in keeping in line with those American values he references. In a sense real patriotism which is not always easy or comfortable.
    Just which America would you want to live in? One where the law and moral right is a showpiece and a weak window dressing. Or the one that above all stands for justice for all and a moral core that means we shall not give into our lesser angels.

    To me the arguments that have been put forward about our sins are not so great as those of our enemy.
    So what is the problem? Is like arguing the differences between how much penetration was done by one rapist over another rapist in a gang rape. That is the dilemma, in order to face up to our crimes we must admit that we committed a criminal act. In doing so we can not longer hold the moral ground and makes us look less the innocent victim. So how less American and not the shining light for the world we have always stated we were.

    I understand a good deal of the what’s and why’s of many of the things that President Obama is doing.
    But this is not one of them and I hope he reverses and takes the stand I thought he would. We can not survive as a country at least this country if we ourselves do not right our wrongs. It would not be the America we should be.

  9. David B

    There is a move to impeach one author of the “legal” opinions, whom GWB saw fit to give a lifetime judicial appointment to:

    Hi, I’m contacting you because ThinkProgress has been able to count on your support in the past. Our last campaign generated over 20,000 emails against Fox News host Bill O’Reilly’s harassment and intimidation tactics.

    Now, we’ve got a campaign that’s even more serious. Read about it here:


    Jay Bybee was a former Assistant Attorney General in the Bush Justice Department. In that position, he authorized torture techniques that violated U.S. and international law. For his tortured legal reasoning, President Bush awarded Bybee a lifetime seat on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    Our action campaign calls on Congress to begin impeachment hearings. There needs to be accountability for illegal acts of torture. Please join our campaign:



    Faiz Shakir
    Editor-in-Chief, ThinkProgress.org

  10. “Obama open to prosecution, probe of interrogations

    WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama left the door open Tuesday to prosecuting Bush administration officials who devised the legal authority for gruesome terror-suspect interrogations, saying the United States lost “our moral bearings” with use of the tactics.

    The question of whether to bring charges against those who devised justification for the methods “is going to be more of a decision for the attorney general within the parameters of various laws and I don’t want to prejudge that,” Obama said.

    Obama also said he could support a congressional investigation into the Bush-era terrorist detainee program, but only under certain conditions, such as if it were done on a bipartisan basis. He said he worries about the impact that high-intensity, politicized hearings in Congress could have on the government’s efforts to cope with terrorism…”


  11. “Gonzales’ New Cover Up

    The emerging wiretap scandal ensnaring House Democrat Jane Harman leads to a familiar face: Alberto Gonzales, who may have stifled the investigation for his own political gain.

    Gonzales appears to have personally intervened to shut down an FBI probe into Harman’s potential wrongdoing—which was reportedly recorded on several wiretapped phone calls—because he viewed her as a key Democratic ally in Congress who could help him fend off accusations about warrantless domestic wiretapping…”


  12. g-stir

    I see where several terrorists were water boarded literally hundreds of times. I wonder if they figured out that “soft water” was the problem? Hey,, no Culligan allowed while torturing!

    • tosmarttobegop

      Yeah you would think that after the first fifty times that month. The agents would have figured out it was not working.

  13. g-stir

    I wonder if any money could be made patenting a reusable -water water board device ?? Could save some bucks, especially on those high volume rush jobs!


  14. David B

    Sadly, the evidence seems to show all usable information was gained BEFORE the “harsh methods” were employed.

    Cheney alludes that unreleased documents show this. Maybe a House investigation is a way Cheney can prove he is right…

  15. Wait a minute. I am easily confused, but…

    Cheney is saying that unreleased documents will show usable information was gained before torture, and so he wants the documents released so he can prove the torture was necessary??

    What am I misunderstanding?

    • Bad Biker

      Cheney. We have tried for eight years to understand what the Hell the SOB was saying, without success.

  16. If you’re really sick of hearing about the bimbos who might have won the Miss U.S.A. contest if only they had answered certain questions differently —

    Atlantic City Cocktail Waitress Crowned In Mistress USA Pageant

    — snips —

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    While she received the highest score in pageant history, Lauderdale faltered in the Q&A portion of the competition, giving less than satisfactory answers to the hypothetical questions “How would you act if you ever ran into me and my wife at the grocery store?” and “How many times have I told you not to call the house phone?!”

    Though most men claimed they “could not wait” to meet Mistress USA, some were disappointed with the decision.

    “I would have preferred Mistress Missouri, just because she’s a little bit closer,” said a Missouri husband and father of two who wished to remain anonymous. “But honestly, I’m just excited about the possibility of having sex with someone who is not my wife.”

    He added: “After all, that’s what this competition is all about.”


  17. David B

    Not quite… I must have written poorly. Two points got mixed up.

    1) Additional actionable information was obtained as a result of torture.

    2) Cheney claimed on Hannity’s News Parody Show that documents exist that show the torture produced valuable information…

    But: there is no way to prove that this info could not have been obtained using lawful means

    And: Cheney claimed that he has requested the documents be cleared and released, when he actually has not done so…

  18. David B

    Far too rich in irony:

    Democratic Rep. Jane Harman, during the NPR interview, said she was “outraged that I may have been wiretapped by my government in 2005 or 2006 while I was ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee.”

    On MNSBC, she expressed “disappointment “that my country — I’m an American citizen just like you are — could have permitted what I think is a gross abuse of power in recent years.”

    The very practice that ensnared Harman was the one she previously cheered. The Californian was an early and vocal supporter of the NSA wiretapping policy of the Bush administration.

  19. Bad Biker

    Well, all these questions regarding Cheney, torture, et al, are very interesting, but there is a much more important issue on my mind – Super Glue.

    The question is: has anyone in the history of mankind ben able to repair anything with Super Glue without getting the stuff on their fingers?

    I just repaired the doorknob on my son’s bedroom and despite my heroic efforts, I have a bit of Super Glue on THREE fingers. Count ’em – three!

    (Yes, one of the fingers was the “naughty”middle finger on my left hand.)

    This is an important issue and I intend to write my president about this.

    I am sure that he has had no more success with Super Glue than I have.

  20. David B

    OMG, Cheney says Obama’s release of the torture memos hurt America.. but in order to prove torture works he wants more memos released, which he professes hurts America??

    My head hurts again!