Moran v. Tiahrt: The Freepers Share Their Thoughts [sic]

I found an interesting summary and comparison of Tiahrt [man, spelling that name always bothers me] and Moran on this Free Republic site.  They see the two candidates as  essentially equal in terms of conservative credibility.  I contend that Tiahrt wins on conservative ideology hands down over Moran – so I see this GOP primary race a little differently.

The Freeper folks were starting to lead me into questioning my position until I read this sentence:  “At the same time, Tiahrt has written fundraising letters claiming that he will not run or hide from a tough challenge, while strongly inferring that his opponent will.”

Anyone who has ever read anything I ‘ve written will  know that I fall way short of qualifying for a position on the grammar/spelling police force, but  even failing undergraduates know the difference between “imply” and “infer”, do they not?

Iggy Donnelly

What to you fellow bloggers think? …  any non-monitary wagers on how this race will come out?


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6 responses to “Moran v. Tiahrt: The Freepers Share Their Thoughts [sic]

  1. All I know for sure about this race is that I will be a registered Republican in order to cast a vote in the primary, and my vote isn’t going to Tiahrt!

    Oh, and, if this is the way to get rid of these nutcases, let’s hope we see more and more races where one is eliminated at the primary level.

  2. iggydonnelly

    Yes. There is nothing like a Republican circular firing squad to raise one’s spirits in the late morning on a Monday.

    I see Tiahrt’s conservative pedigree as being so pure, I cannot for the life of me, see how anyone could think Todd has an equal in that regard.

  3. lilacluvr

    fnord – I have been encouraging all my Democrat, Independent and non-voting friends to register Republican to get rid of Tiarht in the primary. That is the shortest route to get rid of Tiarht – at least from our Kansas political scene.

    I have blogged this a few times on the other blog – the one that shall not named – and I always get a firestorm from the Conservative Republicans that it is not fair to do that to someone. They quietly shut their mouths when I remind them of Rush Limbaugh’s Operation Chaos where he was telling his supporters to vote for Hillary in the primaries to knock out Obama.

    As far as conservative principles go – Moran is more palatable for my taste – between the two.

    I know Moran is conservative but Tiarht is a Religious Social Conservative and there is a definite difference between those two animals.

  4. I agree completely, lilac!

    Every time I hear Tiahrt speak I wonder what he said. He uses lots of words and says absolutely nothing!

    He is too much of a social conservative and too little of what might be good for Kansans and Americans. His goals seem more along the line of legislating morality — HIS brand of morality, of course!

  5. lilacluvr

    Tiarht and his fellow Righties remind me of the money vendors Jesus threw out of the Temple.

    That was the only time Jesus showed his temper.

    There are many instances in the Bible where Jesus preached against the arrogant, prideful and self-righteous. And those are three words that I find myself using when talking about the Social Conservative Republicans.

    Like I have said before, I would never make it as a Neo-Con, would I? They would throw me out for pointing out too many inconsistencies.

  6. wicked

    Have you ever seen the Devil? Look at Tiahrt. Look at his eyes.