04/19/09 Public Square


What were you thinking, doing, listening to when the thought, “I will blog that!” popped into your mind?  What would you like to share, ask, learn about?  I hear sometimes while blogging you can haz cheezeburger!



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11 responses to “04/19/09 Public Square

  1. David B

    Wow, that was quite a rain last night. What does your rain gauge report?

  2. Good morning David!

    Mine says 2 1/2 inches — that’s an approximation from looking out the window. If I wanted a more accurate reading I would have to find shoes, and slippers are still my footwear of choice at this time of morning. 😉

  3. Meghan McCain has a new column out! This is one smart young woman. She has quickly made a fan of me. Check out her latest. I read a few of the comments (hadn’t done that before) and can’t believe the hate directed at her. Guess we don’t have to worry about those people listening to her wisdom (beyond her years!) and excellent advice.


  4. McCain’s former campaign manager seems smarter than the average (Republican) bear too! Here’s what he is saying —

    Steve Schmidt, McCain Campaign Manager: Religion Could Kill The GOP

    “If you put public policy issues to a religious test, you risk becoming a religious party,” Schmidt declared. “And in a free country, a political party cannot be viable in the long term if it is seen as a sectarian party.”


  5. I was watching a youtube clip on CNN about a drunken cop in a bar carrying on about a murdered black man, joking and making fun of him and his momma. “Just one more drug dealer we won’t have to deal with.”
    That prompted me to do the post above.

  6. fnord, looks like it worked.

    sekan, regretfully, the comment from the copy is too often heard; not only from LEOs but others, both within and without the judicial community. A part of me understands the reasons such comments are made; that said, the same should not be made, although one cannot prevent another from thinking that.

  7. Yes! Thank you again for teaching me that scheduling stuff.

  8. fnord, and all others similarly situated:

    Prospective grandfather update as of 1600 hrs local, 4/19/09:

    The time for Fred’s anticipated arrival has been adjusted to “Late mid-June” from “Late June” after most recent appointment.

    No decision has yet been made as to the name to be given Fred; pending further discussion.

    Some discussion had as to “don’t want baby to be too big”; unknown what “too big” means. Elder has referred appropriate medical personnel to history on her side; sister, father, uncles, et al. (The smallest of the six of us at this level was 8 lbs, 2 oz.; prospective grandfather was 9 lbs, 2 oz; one uncle 10 lbs; we aren’t sure what “too big” is, but this is frame of reference.) Elder was a mere 7 lbs, 12 1/2 oz, prospective grandfather sure she was a preemie.

    All going well otherwise, so prospective grandfather is pleased.

  9. That’s hilarious!

    I can see how finding a perspective for “too big” would be difficult! I think this too should be left to the “appropriate medical personnel.” Still laughing out loud — more laughter than the little ‘lol’ would cover!

    I’m glad Fred Judy and her Mommy are doing well!

  10. David B

    I think “too big” is defined by the idea of passing an object the size of a watermelon through an orifice the size of a lemon….

  11. tosmarttobegop

    LOL talking about awaiting the birth of a grandchild, all our children were born at Wesley. The call came at around 1:30 am. The morning my first grandson was born.
    Wife and I rushed to Wesley where my daughter was at and the wait started.
    I took a chance to step out for a cigarette and stood in the parking lot.
    I looked to the main hospital and suddenly remember some 19 years prior.
    Waiting in the labor room and the moment when my daughter made her appearance.
    The feeling that this instant I held the world in my arms and saw the most beautiful of all creation in her little face!

    The memory seemed to have been made just the day before not 19 years later. Then that moment I found myself standing in that parking lot of the Birthing center. After about an hour later once again I was holding the world in my arms and once again seeing the most beautiful of all creation in his little face!