This is an experiment

Following Charles’ post on this subject, I thought I’d try a deferred post; I’ll check on it at a later time, and see what the time stamp says.


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8 responses to “This is an experiment

  1. Hot damn, it worked. Closet geeks forever.

    Charles, this is the “nonsense” post I referenced earlier. Set it up yesterday, and it posted at the time I selected.

  2. So, I read all the words you and Charles exchanged on the other thread. Didn’t understand any of them when hung together, that is I read ‘the,’ and it said ‘the,’ but when tied to the other words it lost all meaning.

    But, for the Public Square threads it would seem a good idea to know how this is done.

    Now we’re back to the words which meant nothing…

    I know, I know! (Jumping with excitement!) I could do the Public Square thread, 6176 could go in and ‘edit’ in the geeky stuff. 😉 We are all in this together, aren’t we?

  3. Closet geeks will find this (perhaps) interesting?

    Hitler opines on bloggers, analysts, twitter and a new product launch while running EMC

  4. fnord,

    Give me a few moments, and I’ll try to set out the procedure I followed in a “non-native” language for all to see. It is much easier to do (a deferred “publishing” of a post) than to explain.

    I’ll be back, whether you want me to be or not (well, at least on this subject :-)).

  5. Here I go:

    1) Click on New Post in bar at top of page;
    2) When at the Add Post page, prepare new post as normal.
    3)Right hand column of Add Post page, at top is an area with the label Publish (top one).
    4)Under this heading, there are three rows, each of which begin with a different phrase; the third one down has a calendar and the words “Publish immediately ” followed by a link labeled Edit. click on this link.
    5) Under the said row, a new row appears, with the month, day, year in boxes, followed by the @ symbol, followed by boxes containing hour and minute (in 24 hr time).
    6)Click on the down arrow to the right of the month box to select another month from the dropdown list; manually edit the day box by deleting the default date (today) and replacing it with the desired day; then to the right of the “@”, do the same thing with the hour and minute boxes. When everything is as you desire, click on the OK button.
    7)The label on the large blue button located in the bottom right hand corner of this area of the said right hand column changes from “Publish” to “Schedule”. Click on the button. The post is then uploaded to the server to be published (posted to the blog) on the date and time indicated.
    8) Go back to whatever you were doing, or you could edit the post, etc., as normal.

    I suggest doing what I did and make a post, such as something for tomorrow’s Public Square; just something that if it doesn’t work, no big deal, and then follow the above steps.

    Now that I’ve confused everyone, I’ll withdraw from this elaboration a bit and check back later for any death threats, etc., that may be here.

  6. jammer5

    Okay, experimental. Now for the three headed geek!

    I wrote the Texas post last night and used the delay post to have it post at 6:30 this morning. Used 617’s explanation. If I can do it . . . blah . . . blah…..

  7. I have one in the oven, scheduled to come out at 5:30 a.m. tomorrow. I am not a geek of any kind, I’m a klutz. So, we’ll see. 😉