The Great Country of Texas


Apparently, 18% of the inhabitants of Texas want to secede from the United States. Other than opening the door for other states to follow, which I’m sure, even if voters reached a majority the federal government would quash in no uncertain terms.

But let’s look a the consequences of such a move; should it be allowed to take place, and indeed passes. Texas has no personal income tax, but it does impose 60 other taxes ranging from tobacco to retaliatory taxes. Texas would lose any tax money it receives from the federal government, so the imposition of higher taxes to pay for basic infrastructure would surly follow such a move. They could also require any visitors to obtain travel visas, and the federal government could impose the same on anybody leaving the state. I could go on and on, but it seems to me any state wanting to secede from the union would be creating more problems than the ones they are trying to get away from.

Readers thoughts?



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21 responses to “The Great Country of Texas

  1. tosmarttobegop

    Perhaps a better picture to go with this topic would be an 8 y.o. dragging a back pack behind them and clutching a Teddy bear as they walk down the sidewalk. OMG the only thing worst then someone making a stupid statement is those that follow up for the following days trying to explain the stupid statement!
    “OH he did not really mean it he was just caught up in a moment of the frustration that a lot of people are feeling!”. Oh really? About three times in three day! I have said it before about cats, they do something totally dumb and end up falling off of something then look at me like they meant to do that!

    “Palin is appealing to the base!”
    “ Perry is appealing to the base!”
    “Newt is appealing to the base!”

    But since nothing they say make sense to me and more often then not seems to broader on the insane.
    I have to conclude I might be on a enemy base…. OH no one to love me!

  2. 18% want out…..the other 92% just snuck in.

  3. Leno said, “If Texas did secede from the union, then we could invade it for the oil.”

  4. John Moritz of the Quorum Report asked, “…whether all this secession talk means that the federal stimulus dollars flowing to Texas should be considered foreign aid?

    Ya know, Gov. Rick Perry has a tough primary challenge this year from popular Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison. I don’t think this is gonna help. But then again, there are some Texans who have proven they don’t have two brain cells to rub together so maybe this kind of talk will appeal to them.

    Hopefully they’ll take bush the lessor with them and then he can go down in history as the former president who isn’t a U.S. citizen. I’ve heard he is looking for history to vindicate him or something along those lines…

  5. Letterman on Texas Succession: “Sounds good to us!”

    tehe, giggle, guffaw…

  6. frigginloon

    Chuck is running for President of Texas I hear!

  7. annie_moose

    Great idea!
    If Texas can’t get everyone in the state on board maybe they could trade places with other dissatisfied citizens living in different states.

    The new country could adapt the state Republican party platform for its constitution. Form a state religion. Form a military. Write treaties with old America. Install Glen, Rush and Sean as cabinet members. The possibilities are endless.

  8. Hmm, this could be interesting. Would Texans leaving their “country” without obtaining a visa and then visiting the remaining continental U.S. be “illegal aliens”? NASA Mission Control is in Houston; could that be determined to be (through crack intelligence) a danger to the U.S. due to its potentially being used to launch missiles, and thus be destroyed by a surgical air strike. Speaking of which, would the U.S. pull out all its military facilities, which would further damage the Texas economy, or would we “lease” them, such as with Gitmo?

    I can see this, too; given the location of the oil wells and refining facilities in Texas, would the new “nation” become a member of OPEC? The possibilities are indeed infinite.

  9. prairiepond

    Awwwww. I love Texas. But I am weeping for Austin, the blue island in the sea of red state wingnuts.

    Jesus WEPT! If the only choice they have is between governor good hair and the Breck girl senator, all I can say is….

    GO KINKY!!!!!!!

  10. prairiepond

    I’m thinking if Texas leaves the union, Austin will leave Texas. But not really. Texans really, really, REALLY love their state, no matter what.

    Austin can keep UT (hook ’em ‘horns) the music, and food, including BBQ and Mexican. The rest of the state can have the wingnuts, oil, and military.

    And A&M. Governor goodhair is an aggie. Big surprise, eh?

  11. prairiepond

    Damn, Molly Ivins must be rolling in her grave. She’s make MINCEMEAT of this story!

    Sigh. I miss Molly…

  12. prairiepond

    … and Ann Richards would have shut this siht down with just a look…

    You did NOT want to get “that look” from Ann!

  13. I suspect Barbara Jordan would have also been involved in shutting all this crap off, as well. A formidable combination; Ann Richards and Barbara Jordan. I wouldn’t want to be the person currying their collective disfavor, that’s for sure.

  14. prairiepond

    Heheheh 617. No kidding. A look from Ann and the voice of GOD coming from Barbara would have made this nonsense a non-starter.

    Yeah, Barbara would have looked over those glasses and intoned “this is not what true Texans would do” and it would have been all over except the “yes ma’am” ing.

  15. prairiepond

    …because ya know, there was only one appropriate response and reply when God in the form of Barbara Jordan had spoken.

    That was to duck your head and meekly say “yes ma’am”.

  16. prairiepond

    “My faith in the constitution is whole. It is complete.”

    She would be weeping too at what shrub had done to the document in which she had such faith.

    She’d probably also have a few choice words for Barack about how the constitution should be upheld…

  17. prairiepond

    “So, he’s an Aggie; explains much.”

    Yeah, and an Aggie from the days when participating in the Corp of Cadets was mandatory. No women admitted.

    I mean really, when the school anthem is the “War Hymn” what else needs to be said?

  18. When I was in the USAF, the SJA at the base where I was stationed was an Aggie. He, however, was unlike any other Aggie I’d known to that time, or have known since. His wife used to tell all kinds of stories about being “invited” over to A&M (I don’t recall where she went to school, but Trinity pops into my mind) for the football games, and the “tradition” that she would, humorously but with a wee bit of scorn, accuse her husband of not upholding.

  19. prairiepond

    Hee hee heeee. I’m guessing that tradition was kissing after every touchdown?

    Oh those wacky aggies.

  20. You nailed it, PP; that’s it, exactly.

    With the recent success of the Aggie basketball teams, I wonder if that tradition has carried over to that sport(pass the Chap Stick, please)? 🙂

    And, at womens basketball games, do the Maggies become the kissers, rather than the kissees?