The Wichita Teabag Protest: A Photo Essay ~Iggy Donnelly



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  1. iggydonnelly

    Sorry these “medium” photos are kind of small. The “large” were way too big.

  2. Iggy,

    Did you see anyone you knew? How many people do you estimate attended the Wichita tea party?

  3. iggydonnelly

    It sure looked like a lot of those protesting were old enough to receive social security. I wonder if they will rush home and turn down their “socialist” benefits? Somehow I am expecting not.

  4. iggydonnelly

    Did not see anyone I knew. Didn’t see any counter protests. I would estimate there were between three and five thousand when I was there. It was well attended.

  5. Pedant

    Great thread, iggy. I believe this is the first set of photos I’ve seen of any tea bag thing (then again, I don’t watch news on tv and I just got home an hour ago).

    I’m thinking they could have picked a place less wide open if they wanted the media to report a big turnout (because the area is so wide open that it looks like the turnout was about twelve). ‘Course, that probably wouldn’t have been so convenient for Opus Dei Sam and the other DC folk they got to fly in for the event. Win some lose some lose some (they are losin’ at about the rate of 2:1 these days, after all).

    Really enjoyed this one. This tops anything I’ve seen on this topic at

  6. iggydonnelly

    Thanks, Pendant.

    The airport traffic authority had the crowd and parking well under control. Federal tax dollars at work, I guess. I left about 1/2 through the thing and Sam had not arrived by the time I took off.

    Time to check out _Lost_ – I’m lost, but can’t quit watching.

  7. Today’s interesting statistic:
    Only 25% of registered voters nationwide claim to be republicans. -CNN

  8. Not actually a big turn out, considering Wichita probably has a much larger percent.

  9. There’s your gravatar, sek! I don’t know how you did it, but I missed that guy too and I’m glad you got him back.

    The eviiill libarul media (locally) is saying “over a thousand.” Wouldn’t they say several thousand or over three (or four) thousand if those were more accurate numbers? Or maybe this just proves they’re evil and liberal?

  10. wicked

    Thanks for posting the approximate turn-out numbers, iggy. I was going to say that it looked like there were more flags than people.

    Yeah, dumb place to have it, but let’s consider who planned it. See, Sam could get off his jet and get back on quickly, without dealing with city traffic. I mean, after all, this is only Wichita.

    I wonder how many were carrying?

    Maybe they should’ve tried smoking the tea.

  11. wicked

    My daughter’s boss was planning to attend. I’m sure he did.

  12. Thunderchild

    Good shots Iggy.

    I wish I had some of the protest when Fred Phelps came to my neighborhood. There were nearly as many people but we have to be glad the media did not report and give Phelps the attention he was seeking.

    I have been a union organizer, a rabble rouser and before that I was a Republican. I have to tell you all, this “uprising” seems ….fake. I’m not seeing hand lettered signs. I AM seeing folksy bumper sticker slogans that look like they have been produced with graphic arts. I ALSO see lots of folks who don’t LOOK like they are rich standing up for rich people. Long story short, there is more smoke than fire here. Back on the WE Blog, Nathaniel said he attended. And while he SHOULD have seemed energized?

    He came off as meaner and nastier than usual.

    • lilacluvr

      Hate, unlike love, is an emotion that when given out will always come back to hurt the source. A truly miserable person is always filled with hate. In the case of Nathaniel, I feel pity for the man. He claims to be such a good Christian. I wonder if he knows Jesus preached love and not hate?

      • Nathan, as are others similarly situated, are more correctly “Paulines”. Compare the contents of Epistles of Paul to the contents of the Gospels, and one is quickly able to determine the foundation for many beliefs held by “Christians”.

  13. Thunderchild,

    You make a good point about being energized. I remember the night of the Kansas caucus (a snowy February night!) and how energizing it was to get together with a crowd of like minded folks. Here’s the difference I see — the crowd I was in had hope for a brighter, better future; the crowd at the teaparty doesn’t. They know and probably won’t admit, theirs is the party of no and they see no hope.

    Plus, they have no leader, no plans, many of the teapartiers were there for different reasons, so not even any cohesion. IN KANSAS! Must suck to be a Republican.

  14. lilacluvr

    fnord – But the Republicans do have a leader and his name is Rush. No matter how many times they squeal that Rush is NOT their leader, I am watching another one of their own go crawling back to Rush for his forgiveness.

    No matter what the GOP says, the American people will always automatically associate Rush Limbaugh with the Republicans. Now that Fox has given us Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Greta Van Sustern and the rest of their little family, there is only one way to go – obstruct and just say no.

    I wonder if the people at these tea parties had any clue they were protesting the bailouts to the Wall Street crooks that were funding these tea parties? I wonder if these people even have a clue as to who Dick Armey is and who he represents?

    Google is obviously not these peoples’ friend.

  15. lilac, there were some, I believe. The great majority in attendance didn’t have a clue.

    • lilacluvr

      And the Republicans prefer their supporters clueless, dont’ they? How else did they carry off the last 8 years.

  16. lilacluvr

    Did I read somewhere on here or on the blog that shall not be named that when Sam Brownback spoke at the local tea party, he was shouted down by Libertarians?

    Has anyone else heard this? If true, now that’s funny.

    BTW – these tea baggers think this is something new they just did. There have been tax day protests for years; and, yes, even some of them have been known to dump tea.

    Maybe someone needs to tell the Republicans to come up with something new – but that would just add to their list of coming up with new ideas – wouldn’t it?

  17. It must have been elsewhere, lilac. I don’t recall anyone posting such here. Hopefully, it’s true. The Libertarians are not happy with the way most of these things went down, from what I can tell.

    • lilacluvr

      And can you blame the Libertarians for not being happy? Ron Paul never came across as a radical nutjob to me.