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Tax deadline day. Wanna talk about it. How about we talk about a subject of your choice!



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  1. I payed $200.

  2. g-stir

    sekanblogger– You got my address right, I hope? I can use the $.

  3. frigginloon

    Morning Praire P&P’s ….just doing my evening drive-by…saw the lights on and thought I would drop in for a cup of tea…hmm whoops…coffee!

  4. “Dave got through the surgery yesterday, but it didn’t go as well as we wanted, his vascular disease is pretty progressed and his heart attack caused more damage then originally thought. They took him off the vent last night and he is in extreme pain. I slept at home for the first time in a week, but am heading back to the hospital now after I take care of some things at home. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, we both need as much positive energy as possible right now to get through this. I’ll keep you updated. Love you all. Mary”

  5. wicked

    Light those green candles, folks. Dave and Mary need us, and we’ve got lots of positive energy!

  6. lilacluvr

    fnord – please forward Mary and Dave my heartfelt thoughts and prayers.

  7. wicked


    Tea is fine for me. I’m not a coffee drinker. Green tea with a couple of drops of mint is even better. 😉

  8. prairiepond

    Hey Loonie, I drink tea, so you can pop in here and have a cupa with me. I drink coffee too.

    And sweet, cold, well water. Sans flouride. Plus, it has fiber in the form of teeeeeeeny tiny sand particles. Downer Creek sand.

    All ya need to be healthy are my eggs, chickens, veggies and Downer Creek well water.

    And bourbon, of course. I thought that could almost go without saying….

  9. prairiepond

    So actually, I guess my water has grit, not fiber. But that fiber enhanced water is HELL on coffeemakers so I filter it for coffee and tea.

    But for my gizzard, I go full grit.

    heheheh. HAAAAAHAHAHAH!

  10. frigginloon

    Hi, Fnord just let Mary and Dave a little Aussie prayer went out to them tonight….

    Hmm, Prairiepond the constitution of a snail 🙂

  11. I will pass along the thoughts, prayers, good energy! Puts ‘things’ in perspective when you think about what’s important, huh!?

  12. Did you see the new poll at Politico?

    Most trusted politician — Obama

    Least trusted politician — Palin

    Lots of other interesting poll results there. I know, I know — polls; we believe them when they agree with us and don’t when they disagree. But they’re interesting to look at!


  13. The first thing I do when I hear about results of a poll is investigate who paid for it. That will give as much of a clue as anything as to how it might have been conducted. The other statistics, etc., are interesting, but it does come down to who supplied the financing.

  14. fnord, add my good wishes and positive thoughts to those being forwarded to Mary and her husband.

  15. Where and how do you find out who paid for the poll?

    Who paid for this one at POLITICO?

    I’ll certainly pass along your words!

  16. “Responsible” pollers disclose the organization, group, etc., on whose behalf the poll was taken; that’s who paid for it.

    Politico likely paid for the poll, but I’d need to take a look at your link before saying anything further.

  17. “Right-Wing Becklash
    by Benjamin Sarlin

    It’s not just liberals who are scared to death by Glenn Beck. Prominent conservative pundits are speaking out, denouncing his hysterics before he sinks the entire movement.

    Take Charles Johnson, a jazz musician and software programmer who is best known for his Web site, Little Green Footballs. Although an independent himself, for years Johnson’s LGF has been one of the most popular blogs on the right, focusing mostly on national-security issues and the war on terror. It’s also been a magnet for criticism from the left and even denounced by some as a “hate site” for its strident criticism of radical Islam.

    But lately, posts on jihadists have dwindled in favor of a new target: Glenn Beck. Just this week, Johnson went after Beck for using violent imagery and rhetoric in a segment where he pretended to douse a guest with gasoline then threatened to set them on fire, accused Beck of promoting conspiracy theorists, and posted a video of attendees at one of the “Tea Party” events heavily promoted by Beck advocating for book burning.

    In an interview, Johnson told The Daily Beast that he was extremely concerned by a lurch to the right among conservative media outlets, particularly Fox News, which he said has begun “deliberately pandering to extreme-right personalities.”

    continued at…

  18. fnord, the group that paid for the poll reported in Politico appears to be a business lobbying group, from the description it provides when clicking on the link in the piece; Public Strategies or something like that (I forgot to write it down, and more than 10 seconds elapsed before I started this post).

  19. jammer5

    I don’t know if any of you have heard of Susan Boyle, but her voice is unbelievable. She reminds me of Judi Garland, only better, if that’s even possible.

  20. Hey, Jammer, we were all crying (literally!) about her performance yesterday! David brought us the link and she blew us away too! Made me feel guilty ’cause of that inclination to judge the book by its cover…

    I hope her dreams all come true! What a voice, what an inspiration for not giving up.

  21. “Palin’s Senate Three For One

    Perhaps something like this would have worked well for John McCain when he was choosing a running mate? Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has made the strange move of appointing three people to a single open state Senate seat. The governor must appoint a Juneau Democrat to fill the seat left vacant by Kim Elton, who resigned for a job with the Obama administration. When Tim Grussendorf and Joe Nelson—Palin’s first choices—were rejected, she apparently decided the best thing to do would be to resubmit their names, along with a third, Alan Wilson. Anchorage Democratic Sen. Bill Wielechowski objected that, under the law, Palin can’t appoint three people to the seat. She must pick one. Wilson’s Democratic credentials have also come into question, as it appears that he didn’t register as a Democrat until March 4.”


  22. wicked

    Yes, crying literally, each of the 4 times I watched it.

    I’m a sucker for work-hard-and-finally-achieve-your-dream stories. Give me Fame, A Chorus Line, Remember the Titans, all those ice skating, football, basketball (Hoosiers) and the rest of the movies. I’ll sit and cry when I watch, every time. But those are happy tears. Parenthood did the same to me. LOL

  23. wicked

    iggy, sekan, & all prairieprops,

    I stopped in at Douglas&Main, and although we aren’t listed on the list on the left (yet?), we are introduced in one of the blog posts.

  24. wicked

    Make that the list on the right. ::sigh:: I swear I suffer from some sort of dyslexia.

  25. Bad Biker

    To whomever has Mary’s e-mail, etc…………

    I was not aware that Mary’s husband Dave was in serious straits – please pass along to her my heartfelt best wishes and sympathies – she and her man will be in my thoughts and prayers. My God grant him and speedy and painless recovery.



  26. wicked,

    I very much like the gravatar; it’s cool, even.

  27. Biker,

    I’m making an email of all the good energy, prayers and thoughts. She doesn’t need an overflowing email box so a consolidated one will be passed along. And as she updates Dave’s condition everyone here will get those.

    ‘Cause those here care about people and Mary and Dave are some of the very best!

    That’s one of the reasons this is a great place! Real, true, genuine people with feelings — a place to protect and cherish, for sure!

  28. David B

    Bush Admin torture details may be so horrible and dmaging that Obama team is hesitant to release them.


  29. wicked

    6, thank you for the compliment on my avatar. We all know there’s obviously been several layers of airbrushing. ha! Seriously, the pic caught my eye and was intriguing. Still, that witch in the hat and thigh-high boots wasn’t bad either… Maybe I’ll share it with all when I get a few extra minutes.

  30. wicked

    re: the torture

    String ’em up!

    With Spain now on the hunt for Bushco blood, I have a feeling there will be others to follow. I don’t worry too much about it. I’m a firm believer in karma. Hey, it’s come to bite me in the backside more than once.