Astroturf Onslaughts: GOP Party of Fools or Dangerous Opponents?

Paul Krugman was commenting on the Tea Parties that the Republicans have been setting up for this upcoming Wednesday.  He seems unsure as to whether he should laugh out loud at the GOP’s shenanigans or to be worried.  Such astroturf tricks have worked well in the past for the Republicans; Krugman recalls the efficiency of the faux riot in Miami-Dade county that stopped the vote in Florida during the 2000 election.  This was not a real “grass roots” protest, but one carefully manufactured by GOP strategists to achieve an end – which they did.  Astroturf activism seems to be big on corporate (or other powerful interests) money, and low on average citizen participation.  The tea parties have been backed by Murdock owned media outlets.

To drive home his point about his mixed feelings on the current embarrassing displays by the Grand old Party, Krugman states:

“But here’s the thing: the G.O.P. looked as crazy 10 or 15 years ago as it does now. That didn’t stop Republicans from taking control of both Congress and the White House. And they could return to power if the Democrats stumble. So it behooves us to look closely at the state of what is, after all, one of our nation’s two great political parties.”

My hope is that Krugman is wrong, because while the GOP may remain crazy after all these years, I sincerely want to believe that the electorate has not.

What do you readers think?

Iggy Donnelly


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8 responses to “Astroturf Onslaughts: GOP Party of Fools or Dangerous Opponents?

  1. Yeah this is scary, BillO and Rush fans, elected officials calling for armed revolt…..
    CRAZY sells in the right wings.
    And as I type BillO is on The Early Show.
    I think Bozo needs equal time.

  2. Of course the GOP are dangerous opponents — they’re crazy and you never know what they’ll do or say, who they will slander just to get an advantage!

    These tea parties prove their brains aren’t wired well. Most of them are enjoying a tax cut from the taxes they are protesting. It seems wise to avoid the Wichita airport tomorrow (Wed., 4/15) evening. I read in this morning’s paper the local nutjob Gabel (ran for Sedg. Co. Commissioner) is going to provide hot dogs and soft drinks and accept donations to defray the costs. My very own nutjob Representative, Jason Watkins, will be there. He is a do-nothing, walk the party line, don’t call attention to yourself, useless Republican.

    I noticed one of the Republican hopes for 2012, Sarah Palin, is experiencing new difficulties. My favorite Alaskan blog, The Mudflats, said, “the wheels are coming off the Sarah Palin bus. The good news is that it’s harder to throw people under there if there are no wheels on it.”

    I saw where Bobby Jindal has signed a book deal. Guess that cements him as a 2012 candidate!

    Huckabee has a fund-raising mechanism in place now. Mitt Romney is selling off some of his homes in what appears to be an attempt to not be embarrassed as McCain was with the question about how many homes he owns.

  3. wicked

    Is Gabel the one who had “women troubles”? I never can keep these sexists straight.

  4. He was one of two we were blessed with hearing about in our local elections last fall. I can see why you have trouble keeping straight the many who seem occupied in this pursuit. It was reported he liked to rough up women, as said several women anyway.

  5. Krugman is correct. Now, I should get to work (awaiting the “kick-in” of caffeine).

    • jammer5

      I’m headed out to that bastion of American . . . Chinese . . . business, and pick up some tea . . . to drink.

  6. lilacluvr

    My theory is to just let these tea baggers go ahead and spout their hatred for Obama. In fact, just leave a camera running and these fools will give themselves enough rope to hang themselves.

    I found it amusing that it has been brought to light that Neil Cavuto, a Fox News commentator, was saying the reason Fox News is covering these tea parties is because they don’t pick and choose their events. And to prove that point, this buffoon went on to say that Fox News covered the Million Man March.

    Problem is, though, the Million Man March was held on 10-16-95 and Fox News was not launched until 10-7-96.

    As long as we hold these Republicans’ feet to the fire and hold them up to the light of the truth (otherwise known as facts), Republicans will be seen as incompetent and blatant liars.

    The majority of Americans are now personally hurting from the economy and they are tuning in to politics to see if the government is going to help or hurt them further. My bet is when this economy starts getting better, even more people will be seeing Republicans in a bad light. They only have a 30% approval rating, don’t they? What can they do with 30%??

  7. tosmarttobegop

    Well guys when ever I look at the likes of Palin and the continuing trumps sounding her being the future of the GOP. I keep thinking it’s somehow a Democratic joke to make thing within the Republican Party look worse. BUT then to look at the rest of the field and party it all is generally just scary as Hell to me.
    I am serious it almost like only hearing the best parts of a political party and thinking “Yeah I can agree with that!”. Then you go to the meeting only to find yourself surrounded by Hitler, Gering, and brown shirted goons all cheering the idea of building large ovens and rounding up a minority. But the good news they can’t be all that bad….. After all they were loving parents, they had their children there with them!