04/11/09 Public Square


I noticed all the wildflowers are adding color to the landscape since our late March snow melted (maybe they’re weeds, but I’m going with wildflowers!). The park is ablaze with blue, purple, yellow and varying shades of green.  I visited San Antonio about this time of year and the Bluebells were in bloom — the fields looked like an ocean. Beautiful.

Is everyone ready for spring? What do you do when the weather is warmer that you don’t do during the winter?



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  1. Somebody got up on the right side of the bed today. I thought I would bring everyone down and discuss health care issues, corporate medicine and financial rape by medical insurance who don’t follow up on their claims.

    But flowers is good.

  2. Somebody eddit my typo.

  3. Chuckles:

    OMG Ted E. Bear!
    We just got the bill from our HMO for removing the stick from your ass.

    Ted E. Bear:

    How bad can it be?
    It only took them eight hours.


    $17,000 – But it was discounted to $250 because we’re uninsured.

    Ted E. Bear:

    Thank gawd for that.
    Call an insurance company and have them send us a premium.

  4. Charles………HA! No double HA!
    Nothing like having that 20% off coupon we call ‘insurance’.

  5. What do I do when the weather warms that I don’t do during the colder times?

    In no particular order:

    Sneeze more, as the flowers bloom, the trees leaf, the grass is cut (all due to my allergies);

    Itch more, again due to allergies;

    Begin the regimen of antihistamines;

    Spend less, not more, time outdoors;

    and, on a more positive note,

    Fire up the grill and smoker for cooking good stuff.

  6. Carrying over the discussion I started late yesterday on the Public Square, in response to fnord particularly;

    My “feeling” is due in part to the diversity of approaches put forth in the recent G20 meeting; France and Germany argued for increased regulation with no more stimulus spending, while the U.S. and others argued for increased stimulus spending, with a small nod to the need for additional regulation of international financial transactions. While it is not rare for there to be disagreement at these type of meetings, the stark dichotomy that existed between the French and Germans, on one side, and everyone else on the other, caused me to wonder a bit about any reason for it. I couldn’t come up with any clear reason, thus the “feeling”.

    The one thing that I found interesting was that if the split was due to favors being owed to past employers, then the split should have been something like the U.S. and Britain, on one side, with everyone else on the other. As this was clearly not the case, the next thing I thought about was the exposure of the various nations (and the EU as a whole) in the international financing area. In other words, whose economies would be at the greatest risk from China, e.g., withdrawing from the market for debt instruments issued by the separate governments. This began to make sense; for it seems to me the greater number of the G20 nations (France and Germany being exceptions, it appeared) needed to have a market for their debt, for a number of reasons; and if China (as an example) was to withdraw from the market, then the abilities of these governments to raise capital would be impaired, causing additional harm to their economies.

    Thus, the “feeling”. It may have no basis in fact, which I recognize. It may well be nothing more than Secretary Geithner and former Secretary Paulsen doing favors. I just think it is not that simple.

  7. You sound like my daughter, Tonya. Asthma as a girl, sinusitis and hay fever in adulthood, but always itchy watery eyes, drippy nose… A poster child for the atopic person, as soon as her dermatitis begins to clear you can bet she’ll move into another form of allergy misery!

    Today is a beautiful day! Ginger and I just returned from the park. She had a bath yesterday so, of course, today she found a fresh pile of scent at the park that she liked so well she rolled in it so she could take some home. I didn’t approve so she’s back to the smell of shampoo for awhile. It’s a good thing she has those beautiful brown eyes and adores me no matter what!

  8. As to what to do, if anything, about the recession: to me, nothing was not an option. I recall posting in mid September, 2008 that there needed to be infusion of capital into the credit markets. I did not want the government being involved in buying “troubled assets” to get them off the balance sheets of the banks, et al, who held them. Rather, my argument was to force the holders of these assets to continue ownership of them, and let these assets be eventually sold or otherwise dealt with by those most responsible for their existence. Meanwhile, funds should be injected into the credit market in the form of capital investment (read: for stock) to free up lending. The stock purchased by the government would be callable and redeemable by the banks, et al, as they became profitable, allowing the Treasury to recoup the initial investment. The infusion of capital would have many conditions placed upon its usage by the banks, with strong punitive measures in place and clearly set out within a binding agreement signed by all parties to the transaction to be swiftly enforced upon breach thereof by the banks, et al. I knew I was whistling in the wind at that time, as it clearly appeared the administration then in office had little interest in doing anything like that. Its concern was political, to try to stave off the mounting crisis in order for Sen. McCain to win the Presidential election, and for more GOP members to be elected to Congress, for the “stock market” would act very negatively to such approach which would assure the election of Sen. Obama and a larger majority of Democrats in the Congress. I also knew that the failure to take any such action would set a precedent that would be hard to overturn by the successor administration, which has proved true to date.

    I also felt that public spending on infrastructure was called for as a part of the total package; I again knew that wasn’t going to happen until after January 20, 2009. I had naively hoped that the newly elected Congress would resist the temptation to load any legislation with “goodies”, and my naivete was proven to be just that.

  9. 6176, ya just hadda bring up mowing.
    I was trying to pretend the yard doesn’t need it.

    Grilling? That’s another story. I love to grill on the webber kettle.

    Ya’ know what? Took me a couple of years to grill again after I quit drinkin’ booze. It just didn’t feel right without at least beer!

  10. Sorry, sekan; the mowers have been out in force where I’m at. Grilling without beer; tough duty, but I do it when forced.

  11. TMZ is reporting that the Obama family’s dog will arrive at the White House on Tuesday. “The kennel has sold the Kennedys three Portuguese Water Dogs in the past, all from the same lineage. The dog the Obamas will be getting is from the same lineage as the Kennedy dogs. The Kennedy family will be presenting the new dog to the Obamas, but it’s really coming from the kennel.”

    The black dog — a male — is approximately six months old. We’ve learned it was bred at the kennel and sold to someone who gave it back. The kennel is now “re-homing” the dog to the Obamas. The dog was named Charlie, but the Obamas will rename it.

  12. annie_moose

    I miss Jerry.

    The innocent world of the Teletubbies is under attack from America’s religious right.

    The Reverend Jerry Falwell, a former spokesman for America’s Moral Majority, has denounced the BBC TV children’s show. He says it does not provide a good role model for children because Tinky Winky is gay.

    Cheerful Tinky Winky, the purple character with the triangular aerial on his head, carries a handbag – but apart from that seems much the same as his friends Laa-Laa, Dipsy and Po.

    The characters are famous for their use of baby language, including the catchphrases “eh-oh” meaning “hello”, and “uh-oh” for “oh dear”.

    But the Teletubbies have made the Rev Falwell, chancellor of Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia, hot under the collar. He decided to “out” Tinky Winky in the February edition of his National Liberty Journal.

  13. This piece is a hoot! Even if slanted waaay too far left, the author’s accusations that Rush, Hannity, Sen. Mitch McConnell, and Rep. John Boehner are causing Americans to prefer Socialism is at minimum, entertaining. If this guy knows what he’s talking about, the Republicans are in greater trouble than I’ve seen acknowledged anywhere.


    “Socialist Shocker!

    A stunning new poll shows that just 53 percent of Americans favor capitalism over socialism. The Daily Beast’s Benjamin Sarlin writes that it’s not Obama’s fault. It’s Rush Limbaugh’s.

    “The biggest danger to conservative values in America may be that Republicans are a walking “opposite day.” What they praise becomes radioactive and what they decry quickly becomes the hot new thing. It’s not just socialism that’s gaining in the polls due to the GOP’s cratering popularity. Many of the right’s biggest fears are becoming self-fulfilling prophecies thanks to their backfiring attempts at activism. One recent poll, for example, showed a major increase in atheism and agnosticism, which have had their popularity numbers nearly double since 1990. It turns out that when incredibly unpopular politicians present elections as a false choice between god-fearing fundamentalists and godless heathens, people start thinking they just might not be so religious after all. And as for gay marriage, if conservative groups keep running ads like this one, gay marriage might become law all over the red states within months.”


  14. “Mike Huckabee has announced a new political action committee website this afternoon asking supporters to help him raise money for conservative GOP candidates.

    “We are looking for candidates that support conservative principles – the sanctity of life, the Second Amendment, the FairTax, marriage between one man and one woman, smaller government, fiscal responsibility,” he wrote in a letter to supporters.

    “….The very fiber of the country we all love is threatened. It seems that the attacks are coming from all sides, fast and furious. Four states now recognize same sex marriages. Despite promises to decrease taxes for the middle class, it is now apparent that the Obama administration will be increasing many taxes – taxes that will affect the middle class and the poor more than they will affect the wealthy. The Second Amendment is under attack once again, as the radical left moves to take away every American’s right to own guns. Government is moving radically to take control of our lives, from cradle to grave…..

    “….Now is the time to build a grassroots movement. I hope you will join me in the fight.”


  15. Good night Dollface…. Where ever you are.