04/10/09 Public Square


Imagine the possibilities when we exchange ideas, help one another expand a thought into an action plan, or are open to new information that might help us gain a better understanding.

This is the place! Let’s talk.



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  1. frigginloon

    Morning Fnord, great Public Square today….OK, I am going to give you the best golf advise ever….(yeah, yeah you Praire P&P’s don’t sound like golfers but….)the reasons squirrels can run along a thin wire without falling off is because they don’t think. They have no ability to reason, unlike us humans who process and analyze.If we were told to walk a thin wire like a squirrel, we couldn’t, mainly because our brain would be working overtime and telling us no friggin way. So next time you pick up your clubs find your inner squirrel and don’t think, just go for it. I swear that is how Tiger Woods plays….like a squirrel!

  2. Morning prariepops.
    Nice to see Charles commenting.
    You could welcome him by taking his link under Kansas blogs. He would be Outlandos d’Amour.
    I will never call him outie (for inside reasons).

  3. Loon, I’ve never been a shopper — until I found Google Images. I think I’m hooked, I have images all over my desktop, waaay more than I need for the immediate future. I’ve turned into an imageholic.

    This one ‘talked to me.’ I once had a rock talk to me, but that’s another story.

  4. Mornin’ sekan! I intend to look in on the Outlandos d’Amour site today. Poetry there, huh. You may have to send the cavalry to retrieve me.

    I see a bunch of new blogs on our Kansas Blogs list — thank you, sekan, for the list and the new places!

  5. Am laughing at the Tiger Wodds remark. lol

    That and your diagram up there looks like a set of bull testicles. Rich.

    I don’t see any rules. I’m blind you know.

  6. Welcome, Charles!

    Blind? You said you see a different way and that you see things we don’t.

    I had a blind friend tell me the funniest story one time. He was a student at Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia. Hurrying between classes he could hear a group of students on the sidewalk in front of him and veered off to avoid them. Of course, he didn’t see the gal on the edge of the group, she wasn’t talking and had her back to him so she didn’t see him either. He said his cane went between her legs, neither he nor she knew it until his hand touched her butt. At this point she turned, crossing her legs and trapping his cane. According to him, the first rule of canes is don’t let go! So it wasn’t really his fault that he now had his hand in her crotch. 😉

    Our rules are mainly: tell us what you’re thinking because we’re interested! You probably know things I don’t and I’d like to hear them.

    Don’t pick on anyone here, ’cause we’re all in this together. If you pick on public people (hey, they asked for it!) keep it non-threatening.

    • If that’s the only rule, and assuming everyone has a sense of humor then we should be ok. I just rewrote my About page so if anyone can handle that “sense” of my humor… That’s what working 25 years of construction does to a man.

      I think I would have went for the crotch. You develop a heightened sense of smell when you’re blind.

      I would have went for the garden.

  7. frigginloon

    Hi ya there Charles …. are you picking on the bull testicles? Does that count Fnord ? Hmm, pick on a bull testicles, I wouldn’t even touch one!

  8. Good morning, Charles. The loon’s Tiger Woods remark brought a smile to my face. What I can tell the loon is that I’ve tried golfing without thinking (well, as best I can do anything without thinking) and it did nothing to help my game, which has resulted in me retiring from “a good walk spoiled” for the rest of my life.

    • Actually I like bull testicles. They are quite the delicacy.

    • I golf like I bowl. lol I figure if I throw the darn thing hard enough it will hit something.

      Course I’m blind you know. lol

      I shouldn’t bowl or golf without my cane.

      Damn… My dog just ran off with my 9 iron again.

  9. jammer5

    ‘mornin everybody.
    I thought the picture was two cameras attempting to mate. Stereo movies?
    Squirrels . . . hmmm . . .reminds me of a band called squirrel nut zipper. Fun music:

  10. David B

    A company is reinventing the light bulb…


    Vu1 said it plans to introduce a fully dimmable, mercury-free, instant-on bulb for recessed ceiling fixtures by the end of this year. It will, the company says, last about 6,000 hours – or six times the lifespan of an incandescent – and have a price tag similar to high-end C.F.L. reflector bulbs: about $18 to $22. (GRR!!! db)

    Vu1’s technology – which it has dubbed “electron stimulated luminescence” – shares some of the same basic science on which cathode ray tubes in older televisions are based. According to the company, E.S.L. creates light without requiring a filament, plasma, coils or mercury vapor. Electrons are sprayed uniformly over a broad area inside the bulb, which is coated with a phosphor mixture. This causes the entire surface of the bulb to glow and create light.

  11. frigginloon

    David B ….I didn’t understand a word of that 🙂

  12. David B

    Translation: Ya screw it in, flip the switch and it lights up. Saves energy, but costs an arm and a leg..

  13. Pedant

    Happy Good Friday, everybody. I have a project that goes “live” on May 1, and it’s absolutely killing me. I feel like I have been working forever, but today I have the day off.

    I’ve been to the bageldashery for breakfast, I’ve burnt a little incense already, I’ve listened to some early morning Leonard Cohen as I watched the sun rise over the Atlantic, I’ve read a little, and I’ve written a little.

    It ain’t doin’ any good yet, none of it. 😀

    Now I’m off to the Chrysler Museum to take in some arty stuff. An old Italian master glassblower has a new show there, stuff from the mid-60’s through 2008. This guy taught a boyhood friend of mine how to blow glass in Seattle, I believe (Tim, if you read this you still owe me a bike). Newspaper says the old guy has blown glass daily for the past 55 years. Daily. As in every day. The mind boggles.

    Have a good day yall. See youse on the other side of noon.

  14. David B

    David B is out buying dark glasses and a red tipped cane.

  15. frigginloon

    LOL thanks David B….This Loon failed science! Hey, Pedant, I saw Leonard Cohen in concert in Feb…the man is a legend. Plus despite having to do the tour, because his manager ran off with his nest egg, he donated $200,000 to the Victorian Bushfires.

  16. 6176 is contemplating following David B’s example.

  17. annie_moose

    remember this from the 80’s


    Backmasking in popular music became infamous in the 1980s when fundamentalist preachers started saying that Satan was speaking to teenagers through subliminal messages hidden in rock music. One only needed to play the record backwards to hear such diabolical ranting as “It’s fun to smoke marijuana”, “I am Satan”, “Serve the Beast for money”, “I love Satan, alright. And Satan knows I love Him” and who can forget the famous, “Glory, glory to my sweet Satan, there was a little child born, it makes me sad, whose power is Satan”, from Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven”.

    There were 3 trains of thought at the time in regard to backmasking in popular music:

    1. Satan was using musicians as demonic pawns. The messages were put in the music unwillingly by the devil himself.

    2. The musicians were Satan worshipers who purposefully planted the messages into the songs.

    3. Hogwash

    The controversy instigated teenagers across the country to play their records backwards in search of the next new “Satanic message”. Most certainly a boon for the record industry as well as record needle manufactures.

    On the not-so-humorous side, the band Judas Priest actually had to defend themselves in court for the suicide pact of Raymond Belknap, 18, and James Vance, 20 in 1985.

    • lilacluvr

      I always wondered what preacher had the first thought to play a record backwards to hear those subliminal Satanic messages?

      Whenever I hear of someone finding some doll that supposedly says something positive about Islam, I always wait to hear where they are from. If it is the deep South or elswhere in the Bible Belt, then that tells me everything I need to know.

      When I was doing medical transcription, if I ever needed someone else to confirm something on my tape, the general rule was to never tell that person first what you thought you were hearing – because they would be pre-programmed to hear the same thing. It defeated the purpose of them hearing something different.

      I think that is what was going on with all these backwards subliminal messages. The first preacher puts out the supposed evil message and then by the end of the week – this runs like fire through the flock. And, somehow, they all hear the same thing.

  18. David B

    “6176 is contemplating following David B’s example.”

    A classic case of the blind leading the blind?

  19. You have nailed it, David B.

  20. annie_moose

    the blog needs a theme song

  21. I could tell you some stories as told by my blind friend, but I’d need to find a way to tame them down from his telling. This one was a challenge, but I did it, so I could do others.

    You two don’t have me fooled! You both want to find the same situation and practice the first rule of canes!

  22. Then along comes annie the innocent with the absolutely unquestionably innocent theme song that has nothing to do with the cane story…

  23. David B

    So combining the themes of Leonard Cohen (recently interviewed on Fresh Air) and a theme song.. I humbly suggest considering http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tFBKV0zVXSE

  24. wicked

    “6176 is contemplating following David B’s example.”

    I’m planning a trip out “into the world”, where I’ll look for guys with dark glasses and red tipped canes.

    Hey, we gotta get our thrills anywhere we can find them.

  25. wicked


    I took a peek at your bloghome and love the graphics! I’m not a big poetry person, but yours is stunning. We have a commonality. Love. I write romance novels. 😉

  26. annie_moose

    Saw some of you were trying to quit. this worked for me. I still lite one up now and then but I only burn about a pack a year.

    US Brand Name: Wellbutrin / Wellbutrin SR / Wellbutrin XL
    A link here will take you to the official website for the drug.

    Generic Name: bupropion hydrochloride

    What is Wellbutrin / Wellbutrin SR / Wellbutrin XL: Wellbutrin/ Wellbutrin SR / Wellbutrin XL is an antidepressant, specifically a multiple reuptake inhibitor
    Read up on these sections if you haven’t done so already, because they cover a lot of information about multiple medications that I’m not going to repeat on many pages. I’m just autistic that way about not repeating myself.

    What are Wellbutrin / Wellbutrin SR / Wellbutrin XL’s FDA Approved Uses: Wellbutrin / Wellbutrin SR / Wellbutrin XL is approved to treat:

    * Major depressive disorder. Wellbutrin was approved 30 December 1985. Wellbutrin SR was approved 4 October 1996. Wellbutrin XL was approved 29 August 2003.
    * Wellbutrin XL alone is approved to prevent seasonal depression for people with seasonal affective disorder (SAD). – Approved 12 June 2006 for this application.
    * Approved for smoking cessation 14 May 1997 as Zyban (which is basically repackaged Wellbutrin SR).
    What are Some of Wellbutrin / Wellbutrin SR / Wellbutrin XL’s Off-Label Uses: Additionally Wellbutrin is also prescribed for:

    * Weight Loss
    * Bipolar Depression
    * ADD/ADHD
    * Fibromyalgia
    * Arthritis
    * Chronic Fatigue
    * Multiple Sclerosis
    * Lupus
    * Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

    • iggydonnelly

      Wellbutrin is primarily a Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. It is an antidepressant and one of the few that all but avoids the risk of stimulating a manic episode for bipolar people.

  27. annie_moose

    gotta run toddles

  28. wicked

    A couple of friends of mine were on Wellbutrin for a while and had problems. Others haven’t. For me, it’s a no-go. With no insurance, the cost is prohibitive. Add to that the fact I don’t like taking “pharmaceuticals” unless absolutely necessary. But that’s just me and has nothing to do with what others do. St. John’s Wort has worked well in the past for me and doesn’t have the dangers of “drugs”. Funny, since I’m a child of the 60’s. 🙂

    I’d definitely be careful with the new Chantrex (sp?) Some of the reports on that are not good.

    I should add that years ago, our family doctor prescribed an anti-depressant for me when I went to him to stop smoking. His son was addicted to all kinds of street drugs, and the doc likened smoking to them. Unfortunately, I never took the prescription he gave, although I don’t know why.

    I’m rootin’ for ya, David! My time is at hand to join the movement. Just expect me to turn into a raving, sobbing, sleeping maniac. LOL

  29. Think these guys have practiced together a couple of times. Makes me smile — GREAT BIG!

  30. iggydonnelly

    Wellbutrin, but by a different name (I am forgetting it now) was one of the first antidepressants prescribed to help curb the cravings for tobacco.

    I quit smoking a little over 8 years ago. I enjoyed smoking, but I was amazed how really uneventful stopping was for me. I was somewhat uncomfortable for one day. I recall thinking, “why did I wait so long?” I joined the Y shortly after quitting and exercised often back then – which may have helped.

  31. “Polish politician fumes over “gay” elephant in zoo

    A Polish politician has criticized his local zoo for acquiring a “gay” elephant named Ninio who prefers male companions and will probably not procreate, local media reported on Friday.”


  32. wicked

    Norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor

    Uh huh. Just the name scares me. LOL I have enough trouble saying ‘pseudoephedrine hydrocholoride’ (suphedrine). And, no, I’m not cooking anything. It’s the only think that will unblock my ears when they get stuffy and one of the few meds I take occasionally. Acetaminophen is another scary word. Tylenol is easier. 🙂

    Ever notice how many X’s and Z’s are in the recognizable names of drugs? Zanex, Comtrex, etc.

  33. I wish everyone the best in quitting! I can tell you I quit smoking, because I haven’t smoked for just over six years now, but if I’m honest I also need to tell you I moved the habit from cigarettes to eating. I overeat — I eat too much of what’s good for me, too much of what isn’t!

    So use whatever comforts and helps in your endeavors, just don’t beat yourself up, because even trying is worth giving yourself an attaboy! You don’t need to contend with criticisms, you’re trying to quit smoking for god’s sake — that’s enough for now!

  34. wicked


    Here’s a link to some tips that might help. It even addresses “cheating”.


  35. David B

    Gawd!! the caricatures of blogging personalities here is OUTRAGEOUSLY FUNNY!

    Use the pull down menu….

    Who posted that???

  36. I’ve only read a few. I haven’t me yet, but I’m still looking. Very good!

  37. I’ve just had an email from Mary. As she said “all good energy is appreciated,” I am sharing here. I know you would want to know and to send those thoughts, prayers and good energy she requests. I’ve left off the way he may be contacted for obvious reasons, but would be happy to share privately with anyone who requests.


    “Hi everyone

    Just wanted to let you know that Tuesday Dave had a heart attack and is presently in the CCU at _________. He is scheduled for bypass surgery on Tuesday, as they are trying to give his heart a chance to rest and heal somewhat before the surgery.

    Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers, and if you’d like to send Dave a message, you can go to _________. They will deliver your message to him. So far he’s been getting emails from everyone here and around the country he has worked with and he’s enjoying that very much.

    He is comfortable and resting, but upset that he “is wasting time” in the hospital. He has some damage to the left ventricle of his heart, but we are hoping and praying for a good outcome.

    Again keep us in your thoughts and prayers..all good energy is appreciated.

    Love, Mary”

  38. David B

    Chantrix.. is used in smoking cessation and is known for sparking vivid, bizarre and sometimes lucid surreal dreams…

    I remember a pill I once took…. oooh AHHHHH….

    Browse some of these doozies at your leisure…


    “Joshua wrote:
    Great Chantix induced dream – my brother, a few hippie-types, and myself were some kind of spies infiltrating a secret base. We managed to get to the land-shark holding tank (think Jaws moving on the ground like a snake). We freed the sharks(dunno why), but one of them ate my brother (I actually thought it was funny, the sharks looked so ridiculous). I don’t know where the hippies went, but I was captured by the base security. They were going to execute me, but let me call my best friend and my mom to tell them goodbye. Just as they raised their guns, I pulled a John McClaine – took the Uzi I had taped on my back off, and shot all of them, shot the lock off the door, and killed the land-sharks on the way out.”

    • My last employer is taking Chantrix now, I asked him how it was working and he told me he had cut down quite a bit unconsciously, but he did confirm he was having some vivid and surreal dreams.

      I tried the Zyban and probably only took 4 and I was tweaking like a methhead from the side effects.

      Stupid anti-depressants, if I wanted to do amphetamines to make me happy I made it through the 80s just fine on cocaine.

      I’ve yet to try the patches though, after searching the side effects of them online I’m not sure i want to but I’m told they do work as long as you don’t poison yourself.

      Another note about smoking I don’t know if anyone has heard about and you can search it, I did when I heard about it. So far there are 7 states who have passed an ordinance that since smoking is fire hazard , Utah and Oklahoma to name a couple. That the tobacco companies are going to sell cigarettes in their state they have to be self extinguishing after 30 seconds.

      Therefore they have put “speed bumps” in the paper by adding several layers and also by adding more additives that they will extinguish themselves when left unattended.

      People are becoming sick from the extra paper and additives that they have basically added more chemicals to the cigarettes to poison smokers into quitting.

      I find it rather ironic because additives were first put in cigarettes for two reasons, one to cause the addition and the other to keep the cigarettes from going out on their own.

      You would think they would just sell pure tobacco and we would all be healthier and Smoky the Bear would be a happy camper.

      Living in kansas, do not be surprised if the same ordinance isn’t put into effect here.

      A “burn free” state is what they called it.

  39. The last smoker in the U.S. is gonna have one hell of a big tax burden!

    • The price of a carton has already increase twice this year. Even though gasoline has been fairly stable. But I think that is part of the plan to bail out the auto industry because you can now get a full size truck for what you used to pay for a Yugo…. Loaded with groceries and delivered to your door.

  40. wicked

    My oldest daughter is using the patches and having very vivid dreams.

    Here’s the ironic thing about cigarettes and smoking. When I was in jr. high, I found a booklet my mom (the hoarder) had in a desk drawer. It was a doctor’s guide to women’s weight loss and encouraged women to take up smoking to help lose weight. In fact, that’s mostly what the entire 10-12 page booklet was about. By the look of the artwork, my guess is that it was published sometime in the late 40’s, early 50’s.

    A conspiracy? Probably not.

    • They will probably wind up putting a sin tax on the patches. Tobacco is a paradox in this country. Right now in Wichita they cite you for smoking within 500ft of a public building. So I guess we have the Smoking police to look out for.

      Of course they will cite the millions of people who die of second hand smoke. What about the millions of people who die from second hand drunk drivers?

      Like “Better let me take the wheel Joe you almost ran over that child – oops to0 late, my hand slipped because it was wet from digging through the cooler in the backseat.”

      They’ve tried prohibition, they know it won’t work plus it will cost millions in lost taxes. Of course to promote a healthier smoke free society will cost millions of dollars. I’m looking forward to the nicotine clinics that will come along with that new health plan that will turn hospitals and ERs into the Green clinic.

      But heck they have already spent millions of dollars to make everything bi-lingual what’s another trillion or so?

      They’re not paying for it.

      “A stronger country through a bi-cultural nation”

      Is that what he said? Tell me he didn’t say that. Which two cultures was he talking about?

      I think he meant “bi-polar”

  41. I tried the patches — was allergic to the adhesive. Had swollen red blotches almost twice the size of the patch all over my trunk before I realized. I did use the gum for awhile. Tastes really bad but you get to unwrap it (hands), chew it (mouth), use it at habit times like being on the phone, after meals…

  42. wicked

    An allergy to adhesive is probably what will happen to me, but I only bought a week’s worth of the store brand, so I’m not out all that much money.

    One way/system or another, I will prevail. I’m starting with being positive. 🙂

  43. I can’t stop laughing! I just checked my Quotes of the Day and found this one:

    “A man can sleep around, no questions asked, but if a woman makes nineteen or twenty mistakes she’s a tramp.”
    – Joan Rivers

    Do you suppose we could go for eighteen and be OK? What’s the cut off?

  44. David B

    Speaking of “cut off.”
    Rodney Dangerfield once said, “My wife cut me off to once a week. I shouldn’t feel bad. She cut 2 or 3 other guys off completely!”

  45. I’m gradually making it through these Blog Caricatures David shared earlier.


    I’m in the B’s and I’ve found one who could be me!

    Bliss Ninny doesn’t understand why people just can’t get along. While it is entirely unintentional, Bliss Ninny’s utterly vacuous comments can drive the more pugnacious Warriors into a frenzy of aggression. Often in the heat of battle Bliss Ninny will discuss her cat.

    There may be others that fit better as I read further, but I could be this one.

  46. Shoot! There’s probably a representation of ME in each letter. I’m gonna quit sharing, but thank YOU for sharing! 😉

    For Coffee Klatch the discussion forum is a social gathering – like Mah Jong or Wednesday morning canasta club. Coffee Klatch prefers a friendly, chatty environment and almost always limits her participation to non-technical forums. Whether inadvertently or by design, Coffee Klatch prepares the battlefield in her favor by making it soggy with pleasant, but vapid messages – her favorite phrase often being, “thanks for sharing”. This renders the battlefield rather slow going for swifter and more powerful Warriors. CAUTION: If war does break out she will shed her benign facade and attack mired Warriors without remorse.

  47. David B

    Need a little culture in your life?

    The Tempest is being performed this month at the Wichita Center for the Arts:


    Wednesday, April 15, 2009 at 8:00pm
    Sunday, April 19, 2009 at 2:00pm

  48. There is a growing restlessness over what is perceived by many of special treatment of Wall Street. I understand the restlessness and perception.

    I wonder if any of this is in response to unease of foreign governments and the way they are used to doing business with any proposed tightening of regulations. I suspect, but am not in a position to know, that the free wheeling nature of international finance depends upon a lack of regulation; that is, anonymity is a condition precedent to doing business.

    There are other explanations, including the relationship Treasury Secretary Geithner and Larry Summers have with the major players on Wall Street. It seems to me, however, there is something else in play here, a something else I cannot see, but feel exists. A “dark matter”, if one will, that exerts its force on these transactions.

    What do you think, fellow bloggers?

  49. “What do you think, fellow bloggers?”

    I want to know much more of your ‘feeling.’ I remember nearly two years ago when you had a ‘feeling’ we were already in a recession. I’m not questioning, I’m ready for the advice of what would be the best course of action (if any!).

  50. jammer5

    Want a little non-culture in your life? Go see Observe and Report. Probably one of the strangest comedies I’ve seen, and funnier than the promos. Forewarned: If you don’t like the f-word, skip it.

  51. Okay prariepops, I have temporarily completed my required meatspace tasks and finished my homework for cyberspace (Authors page).

    6176, I am angry with the appointment of Geithner, and the past job done by Paulson and others. I do believe crimes have been committed and some by Obama appointees. I would refer you to law professor and author William Black.
    I urge you to read the transcript from Moyer’s Journal here

  52. jammer5

    6 and sek, I, also, am angry. I find the bailout to be more of a copout to wall street, and a slap in the face of the taxpayers. I have serious concerns about why more people are not in jail over this mess.

    The SEC has proven itself to be less than a paper tiger during the last two decades. From being an entity whose sole job was to protect investors from sharks, to complacent, paid for shills, who would rather throw investors into already bloodied waters, than see their bread and butter partners pay for the crimes they commit.

    The Obama economic team is not what this country needs to rebuild the confidence in the financial industry. In fact, the opposite appears to be true. It’s now past the epidemic stage and gone into a global pandemic, complete with the germs that created the disease thinking they can cure it. So far, all I’ve seen is an absolute corruption of power by the same players. deja vu all over again.

    Even the pundits can’t help from stepping on their own toes. Rush wants Obama to fail, even though Obama’s doing the same thing Bush did: bailing out losers.

    You start to wonder if the gun nuts don’t have something. If this civilization keeps on the same path, self protection may be the order of the day. Problem is, I really don’t want any part of civilization if it comes down to that. I’ve stated many times we have yet to reach the age of reason. Past and present events seem to prove me out.

  53. David B

    Well, there are many ways to protect oneself… I doubt that civilization will collapse anytime soon.

  54. There’s a song out there for every occasion.
    Two come to mind right now. A couple of lines from them.

    The Who;
    We won’t get fooled again!

    The Beatles;
    If you’re talkin’ about destruction
    you can count me out.

  55. I tell ya this is all giving me an intellectual migraine. No wonder I turned off CNN after 9-11. As I mentioned on https://iggydonnelly.wordpress.com/2009/04/10/obama-and-the-science-of-change/ earlier I’m glad I just write poetry, this whole past election year has been a re-run of Blazing Saddles and I think we should of just elected Mel Brooks and took all of congress out and had them all shot for treason.

    I really liked the way they all applauded Obama while he was scolding them like bad step children during his address at the sane time patting themselves on the back for creating all the spending bills that Bush signed with his eyes closed.

    The bailout of Wall Street was an economic farce and we all knew it and sat by helplessly as it happened and yet we have no one to blame but ourselves for keeping these idiots in office.

    Or is it that they keep themselves in office?

    At that point this country has totally lost sight of what it was founded on. Perhaps that’s why the call it blind justice.

    This has become a country of the rich scratcching each others backs while the rest fall through the cracks. The problem is, there is nobody left to fall through the cracks anymore except them, and that scares the hell out of them.

    How much is enough? How much wealth can a person hold before there isn’t any left to go around. Hell even General Electric bought their own stocks back dirt cheap, but what are they going to do with it.

    What are all the crediters going to do now that no one can keep up? Because no one can afford to borrow money anymore than they can afford to lend it.

    And shaving interest points like they did all of the first quarter last year was hardly incentive. People still lost their homes and the banks still lost money.

    This country has been in more than a recession for almost 30 years now, who remembers the gas lines of the late 70s. Hello automotive industry, what have you been doing for the last 30 years?

    And the automotive workers have no one to blame but themselves and their Union for losing their jobs that if they even had an ounce of sense they would have known they were damned before ther tycoon bosses flew to Washington with their greedy little hands out.

    Shades of the Big Depression.

    This country should have strived to be energy independent for the last three decades but what did we do? We stopped driiling and pumping our own resources and started importing more.

    And then we export our jobs and import immigrants to take the jobs we have at a lower wage. The irony of an Afro-American president with a slave labor work force.

    We would have been better off annexing Mexico and building a US workforce there.

    But no we had to go clean up the mess we made in Iraq that started clear back during the Reagan administration. We put a tyrant in power and supplied him with the same weapons we were afraid of after he got a little too big for his diaper.

    Here we are, the largest military force in the world and we spend years, no decades trying to recover our own FUBAR only to line the pockets of the already rich to rebuild what we blew up.

    Alexander the Great would be ashamed.

    Ah well…… CSI is on.

    I’m outta here.


  56. I digress. The “Great” Depression.

    Sorry about that I had history second hour if you know what I mean.

    And I was getting excited about my CSI episode.
    Traci Lords guest stars.

  57. iggydonnelly

    “Do you suppose we could go for eighteen and be OK? What’s the cut off?”

    Interesting coincidence, I was reading that Margaret Sanger, the birth control advocate who was politcally active thru the first part of the twentieth century, had 18 lovers – did not matter if she was married on not. On one ocassion she had her “freedoms” written into her prenup. agreement.