Barney Frank vs. Antonin Scalia

A blog, Down with Tyranny!, explains why Barney Frank was correct in calling the distinguished duck hunter, and bosom-buddy of one Richard Cheney, a “homophobe.”

This fine blog  I found thanks to a link from Crooks & Liars also provides a very nice series of images of Barney Frank set to the tune of Tom Petty’s I Won’t Back Down. Also in this blog entry was the news to me that the George W.  Bush first presidential campaign used this song and Petty sued them for their unauthorized use of his work.  Tom made Chimpy “back down”.

Check out the video:

Another video for PrairiePond when she returns.  Hope you get to feeling better soon!


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15 responses to “Barney Frank vs. Antonin Scalia

  1. Thanks for the link.
    Comment on Down with Tyranny complete.
    That’ll generate a few more views.
    Probably none with balls enough to stop here and comment though…….

  2. iggydonnelly

    The guy who does that blog also writes for the Huffington Post. That is Nanci Griffith singing _The Loving Kind_ – the second video. Here is a link to another wordpress blog called _Dirty Linen_ (which used to be, maybe still is, a print magazine on folk music).

    This blog entry describes Nanci’s inspiration for writing the song.

    Nanci is two months older than me, but looks two decades younger. She is a heart throb of mine.

    I have a confession, I am a “throw-back” folkie.

  3. iggydonnelly

    Okay, I posted on the Down with Tyranny blog. Found this link in another post there. Check it out:

    The couragecampaign, which supports gay marriage, is battling an anti same-sex marriage group. The anti-group video says all the usual right wing stuff that strikes me as fundamentally untrue in every respect.

    Oh, another thing, the Nanci Griffith song _The Loving Kind_ won’t be released until June 9th, 2009. I thought it had already been released. Oops.

  4. fnord

    Here’s the advertisement Iggy’s link leads to — it will begin running in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire and Iowa.

    POLITICO says, “The National Organization for Marriage, a prominent backer of the successful campaign against same-sex marriage in California, is launching a $1.5 million ad campaign this morning aimed at forestalling same-sex marriage support in other key states.”

    Sad how many people will watch this production and believe the lies.

    Here’s another YouTube that shows the try-outs of the actors for the ad above.

    The whole thing makes you want to be sick, so if you’re not strong willed and have an iron stomach, I’d suggest you don’t watch.

  5. jammer5

    Personally, I think MTV should do one of those boxing matches between Franks and Scalia. Let real men work it out in a real manly way. Pay per view.

  6. wicked

    Barney is always one of my favorite guests on Real Time with Bill Maher. He always makes me laugh…and then think.

  7. Justice Scalia may well be a “homophobe” as alleged by Rep. Frank. However, I do not read the excerpts of the two dissents relied upon by Rep. Frank to support his position as being definitive, in any way on this question.

    I won’t bore you with the reasons for my position. And no, I don’t agree with much of anything Justice Scalia writes (or, perhaps more properly, his law clerks write under his supervision) in his opinions. However, I can’t “get there from here” when reading the excerpts of the two dissents cited by Rep. Frank.

    • iggydonnelly


      Some responses to the blog post, that I believe were written by lawyers or law students, draw the same conclusions you do. And, they go into some detail explaining their positions

      I tend to think where there is smoke, there could be fire; but, few homophobes are so stupid as to blatantly advertise their position.

  8. lilacluvr

    I don’t know if the Radical Right are true homophobes or if they see their power, controlled by fear, is eroding.

    More importantly, in my opinion, is that if these so-called Christian Conservatives were to be tolerant, then wouldn’t their collection plates be less full?

    I know a lot of churchy people who like being told that they are better than ‘that one over there’. They get their egos stroked, their heads patted for the week, they give their money and then they go home and do whatever they want during the week until next Sunday when the cycle starts all over again.

  9. lilac, I believe there are components of both there.

    It has been my thesis for at least 30 years that the people which we generally feel are the members of the Radical Right realize that their ability to control the reins of power will decrease over time as their natural constituency ages and decreases due to death and mental infirmities, combined with the attitudes of those coming behind on many “social” issues being in conflict with their views.

    I believe the first evidence of “striking while the iron’s hot” in this regard was the promoting of mandatory sentencing laws, especially in areas involving drug offenses. We are all familiar with other actions being taken by them, including “anti-gay marriage” amendments to state constitutions, trying to get a federal constitutional amendment in this area, striving for a federal constitutional amendment prohibiting abortion, to name just a few.

    The past two congressional elections have seemed to send a message to these folks that their premonitions were correct. We shall, therefore, see increased attempts on the above issues (as well as a number of others) within the next two years to enact as many of these statutes, etc., as possible while they still control sufficient votes to so do. It goes without saying that it is much easier to stop a law from being enacted than it is repealing a law already on the books, thus the rush.

    While I do not like to paint with a broad brush, lilac is also correct about the collection plates. I sense a pinch within some congregations, not solely related to the economic downturn.

    • lilacluvr

      I watched the Montel show the other day and there was an advocate from a group called ‘Throw the Key Away’. This is a group that believes in building more prisons to hold even more prisoners and to never let them out.

      When Montel asked this man if he was willing to pay more taxes in order to do this – the man said, why should I? We pay too many taxes now.

      Although this law and order group sounds good, in reality it is just a ‘feel good’ group.

      Who wouldn’t want all the evil doers in prison so society would not have to deal with them. But who is looking into the reasons why we have the evil doers? Who is looking into how we can stop the flow of evil doers in the first place?

      Problem, again, is with both ways to deal with this issue will take money – and no one wants to pay taxes.

  10. lilacluvr

    61 – I think that is why Republicans were okay to run McCain, even though none of them will take the responsibility for nominating him now that he lost.

    They really didn’t care which Republican got into the White House (because they felt they could control McCain) but they do care about the possible replacement of Supreme Court justices. They were hoping to get a clean sweep of the Court to go there way and get all of them in the same mold as Antonin Scalia.

    But they did not count on Obama, the community activist, to get a grassroots movement of Americans to actually exercise their right to vote.

    And, what better way to get a crowd of followers than to produce a common enemy? And aren’t we seeing more evidence of this tactic coming from the Social Conservatives? Obama is coming for your guns. Obama is making us less safe. Obama is coming for your (fill in the blank).

    Fear does alot of crazy things. I am afraid history may repeat itself one of these days and we’ll be transported back to the days of JFK, Martin Luther King, and Bobby Kennedy.

    I pray I am wrong.

  11. lilacluvr

    correction: Court to go their way – (my fingers got going too fast).

  12. g-stir

    lilacluvr- I believe what you are referring to is DBVR , or Delayed Bush Voter Remorse. They are being confronted with how little “they” got for their votes during the last administration. They finally see they sold themselves a bill of goods.

    Pitiful, ain’t it?

  13. lilacluvr

    Pitiful – or you just can’t fix stupid?