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Big Pharma and their Cuckoo’s Egg in the Nest of Science

Our fellow WordPress.com blogger, James Ridgeway, has been looking into the fuzzy boundaries that exist between pharmaceutical companies and psychiatry. See his reporting here.

The reporting by James prompted me to look into this matter more extensively. In the spirit of full disclosure, I have been to trainings put on by pharmaceutical companies in backwater places like Orlando, Florida [where one could presumably bring along the family to do the Disney Experience while you, the participant, toiled away]. These trainings were held in hotels where they asked $30 for a glass of wine and I couldn’t detect that they felt any shame in doing so. Though wine wasn’t supplied, many a not too cheap meal, and lavish hotel rooms were provided by the international pharmaceutical giant whom I won’t name.

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‘Sexting’ teenagers face child-porn charges


After his former girlfriend taunted him, Phillip Alpert remembered the nude photos she e-mailed to him while they were dating.

He took revenge with an electronic blast — e-mailing the photos of the 16-year-old girl to more than 70 people, including her parents, grandparents and teachers.

Three days later, Alpert, then 18, was charged with transmitting child pornography. Today Alpert is serving five years of probation for the crime, and he is registered as a sex offender — a label he must carry at least until he is 43.

and —

A U.S. judge on Monday barred a Pennsylvania prosecutor from filing child pornography charges against three teenage girls caught with sexually suggestive pictures of themselves on their cell phones.


Google ‘sexting’ and you’ll get many stories. What say you bloggers? Does this seem fair — the girls are innocent, the guys in big trouble for many years? And, aren’t you glad you aren’t young in today’s world?


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Missing girl found dead in submerged luggage

The body of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu was found in luggage submerged in a pond on a dairy farm near her California home, authorities said. Police did not identify a suspect, or release a cause of death. The girl’s family is devastated, said police spokesman Tony Sheneman. “They have just experienced the unimaginable. http://www.cnn.com/2009/CRIME/04/07/california.missing.girl.dead/index.html

Man, just what makes someone do something like that? I can think of no more henious crime than robbing a child of life, and the parents of the joy of raising that child. Too many children dying by the hands of so-called human beings who have no regard for life. Arggg . . .


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Public Square: 04/07/09

Come in out of the heat and tell us your traveling story…


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