04/05/09 Public Square


Pull up a chair! We’ll add extra leaves to the table and extra chairs any day. If you are looking in, please stop and say,”Hi!” If your opinion is different than others you see expressed, please share it. We welcome your thoughts and opinions!  We’ll learn from and with each other.


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21 responses to “04/05/09 Public Square

  1. Pedant

    Good morning all! I am procrastinating. I have to do a bit of office work this morning, and my inner child is rebelling. So instead I’m guzzling coffee and surfing the web.

    The dark side (the “other” website) is largely quiet this morning. I think the loonier among ’em are cocooning in the glow of Palm Sunday this morning. I’m sure they’ll soak up enough sustenance to bloom into their usual stark raving insanity later today, though.

    Ok, I am now going to try to turn to the laptop that never leaves my side, a.k.a. the ball and chain. Wish me luck.

    Have a great day!

  2. fnord

    The wind is causing electrical havoc at our house. Blowing something around, causing wires that shouldn’t be touching to touch, and off goes the power briefly. I don’t think this is great for the ‘puter and will be shutting it down for a while. Check back with you later!

  3. David B

    I think history and technology has passed the newspaper by…

  4. fnord

    Well this morning when technology failed and my lights were flickering, I sat close to a window and read that old archaic newspaper. 😉 I admit it didn’t have much I hadn’t read last night online. sigh

  5. Thunderchild

    What a yucky day.

    As some of you may know, one of my pursuits is genealogy. I collect dead relatives and occasionally, a live cousin or two. TO that end, I’d like to throw a few unresolved family names out here. I may even be related to someone here. I am ever eager to share my research when it helps another researcher.

    Whisner, Ninemyer(or variations on the spelling), Giffin, Volz(Foltz,again variations), Petman, Good(Goode), Deschamps(Dision,Dishon,Dishong), Williamson, Broyles,

  6. Bad Biker

    UPDATE: The continuing saga of Rover, the wayward Golden Retriever.

    Well, for those of you not paying attention (shame) we found a young GR pup on Wednesday and I took him home to keep him out of traffic. He was a lunatic. I was waken this morning, after a hard night of basketball watching, with a sixty pound Golden licking my face and demanding to go out. He was soon joined by my own, ninety pound Golden, also demanding my attention.

    Today was to be Rover’s last day with us – he was either going to the Humane Society (second choice) or the GR Rescue group no later than tomorrow.

    This was hard for me, since I love Goldens and was getting very attached to this scamp. He loved to sit with me, when Rufus wasn’t around, and get a long pet. He would put his paw up on my knee and just revel in the attention.

    Well, Rover refused to give us his name and address, so we were caught between a rock and a hard place. It turns out, however, that Rover’s real name is Benji and he lived just down the road about a mile. His Daddy and other human pets answered our ad in the Eagle this morning and now Rover/Benji is reunited with his human family.


    Rover/Benji was a bit of fun to have around, but Rufus is a one man dog, so it was a bit frustrating, but now Benji is home and all is well in the world.

    Well, maybe not “all” but things are looking up.

    Now if MSU can just pull the upset over UNC, life will be great.

    That, and if Halle Berry answers my phone calls.

  7. wicked

    I love a dog story that ends well! Thanks for keeping us updated, Bad Biker.

  8. Anybody else sick of cold weather yet?

  9. Thunder, there is a Volz family from Parsons.

  10. Also a Fultz, and Good.

  11. Looks like I need to think of sumpin’ to post today.
    Hmmm…..(thinking),….it may be a while.

  12. wicked

    I’m not so sick of the cold weather as I am trying to figure out what to wear and wishing to put away the winter clothes that have become mixed with the more spring weather ones. Summer is too far away to even mess with at this point.

    And as far as I’m concerned, the wind can quit blowing a gale, whether it’s warm or cold. No power problems here (yet) like fnord is having, but I listened to the eaves creaking while trying to go to sleep last night. My daughter’s across-the-street-neighbors have lost a ton of shingles from their roof and had to call their landlord to take a look.

    Ahhhhhhhhh, Kansas.

  13. As for the weather, that’s one reason I call it Kanass.
    This damned global warning gives me a mybrain.

  14. fnord

    All our keyboards must have laryngitis. I think if we push on the keys harder we could make the words loud enough to hear.

    We haven’t lost power since early afternoon, so I decided it was safe to turn back on. I thought it would take some time to catch up. Wrong. Probably everyone is much like me — nothing going on, kinda cranky about the weather, no words I think would be interesting to anyone.

    Well, we’ll just rest and maybe be chattier next week. I’m thinking about all of you!

  15. I’m here checking in fnord.
    Yesterday was one of those days.
    I had to play chaffeur for prom night.
    I’m getting too old for this.

  16. frigginloon

    Ah the Loon has been exercising…did I miss much? No sign of Kim Jong Il’s rocket washing up on the beach yet. Shall keep you posted.

  17. wmacw

    Seems like not enough hours in the day around here.

    We are trying to teach baby how to put herself to sleep. Some nights it goes well, some not so much. The monster was much easier. Or my memory has been muddled over time. Not really sure which… oh well.

    And to add to that, we recently transitioned monster out of his pullups at night. We average about one accident a week now… he just sleeps so soundly that he doesn’t wake up when he has to go to the bathroom. And the child thinks he is thirsty all the time (yes, I have had him tested for diabetes due to this) so trying to convince him not to drink anything for two or so hours before bed simply does not happen.

    Ah, baby girl has decided that she is not ready for bed yet… I must go get her, it’s my turn…

  18. Mary Caruso

    Don’t fret..the time goes quickly, one day you’ll wake up and find your babies long gone with lives of their own…the hardships you are enduring now are meant to make you strong for what you’ll endure in their teen and early adult years.
    A psychiatrist told me once that “the only difference between a two year old and an adolescent…is that the adolscent knows about sex”
    Good luck 🙂

  19. My “baby” had her first fender-bender this morning. She’s seventeen now.