Food for thought, or thoughts about food!

I see in the news that there is a new warning about baby formula being contaminated with a chemical found in rocket fuel? And it is especially dangerous if the baby formula is mixed with water that is also contaminated with the same chemical?

Perchlorate is found in the water supply of many communities, and earlier this year, the EPA considered setting new limits for it but, ahem, they were busy with the economy to do it.  Perchlorate is most often found in communities with defense industries and military bases. And it is most often found in formula made of cows milk.

Couple that news with the pistachio nut salmonella contamination, the peanut contaminations, and every other bad thing in our food…Does anyone wonder why I’m so excited by the arrival today of my baby chickens? And the planting of the ‘taters and onions next week? The other veggies next month?

Additionally, my friend who has goats is helping them birth the little ones this week and has requests already, without advertising, from parents wanting goat milk for their children allergic to cows milk.  With this news, she may have more demand for her product than she can produce.  I find it significant that folks out here are looking for goat’s milk and finding it by word of mouth.

And yet, the goat feed for pregnant mothers has things in it we cant pronounce, and I get drift from the chemicals my farmer neighbors spray, enough that I cant grow grapes.  The chick starter feed has antibiotics in it, and my own, supposedly pure, Downer Creek well water has lots of nitrates from years of fertilizer leaching into the water supply.

I guess we do the best we can with what we have. But it’s damn scary to think about how insecure our food supply really is. I dont think its “terrorists” who will kill us. It’s the karma of our own environmental misdeeds that will do us in.


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  1. jammer5

    And yet one cattle company wanted to inspect all their cows for MCD, and the FDA said I don’t think so. Again the subject of who’s watching the watchers raises its ugly head.

    When I lived in Missouri, I was surprised to find so many clear streams. I have yet to find one in Kansas. Tablerock lake is so clear, you can see fifty feet down. Try that in any lake in Kansas. The years of over fertilization and pest control have done what seems like irreversible damage to the one thing we can’t damage: our water supply.

    We could use a serious look at organic growing. It’s not what it used to be. There have been major inroads into growing more per acre, and disease and pest control in the last twenty years, that it makes it a viable alternative to commercial fertilizers. Sometimes the old ways, with modern refinements, are just a better way of doing things.

    When I lived in San Diego, my neighbor, a retired teacher in her late 70’s, taught me to grow organically. In reality, I had no choice, as she said if I used anything other than organics, she would never speak to me again. So I learned how to compost, make manure tea, and pest control. Half the stuff we grew never made it as far as the kitchen, as it got eaten on the way. Quite a wonderful woman.

  2. wicked

    jammer5, when was the last time you visited Table Rock? From what I’ve heard in recent years, it’s not so clear anymore. 😦

    • jammer5

      2003, with my mom and nieces. It was clear then. The time of year, and the amount of rainfall, has a lot to do with the lake’s clarity.

    • wicked

      That’s good news! My aunt and uncle lived there for 15-20 years. Late 70’s to I don’t remember when. There was a point where they said the lake was getting mighty murky.

      I did a tiny bit of waterskiing there, long ago, and was fascinated that I could see my feet! Not so in Lakes Afton and Cheney here.

  3. One thing that bothers me is that poor folk on foodstamps can’t use them to buy at the local farmer’s market(s).

  4. iggydonnelly

    Last night I made some chili with free range American Bison meat. It cost more, but boy was it good. Will have those left-overs tonight…


    Somebody help. I’ve lost my identity as sekan.
    No dashboard, nothing.

  6. I’m back. whew….a friggin addict without my drug.
    Panic set in.
    I went to the login page.
    Don’t know why I was logged out?
    Wonder if I did it on accident?

  7. fnord

    Been there, done that. Don’t know how I did it, but feel some comfort in knowing I’m not alone and it can happen to you too. If I get lost, I don’t want to think I’ll be alone and no one else will ever come my way. 😉

  8. wmacw

    What I find more frightening (as the mother of an infant, granted she isn’t taking formula right now but still) is that they are not releasing WHAT formula contained this chemical… Well, how the heck I am supposed to know if it’s safe to feed my daughter if I don’t know which ones have the chemical? At this time, they don’t know if there are any health affects, although they say it can affect thyroid function… Well that’s just wonderful – I don’t want my kid to be a guinea pig!

  9. Howdy wm.
    fnord, am I pitiful or what?

  10. wicked

    And we wonder why there are so many cases of ADHD, autism, etc. in kids these days.

    It’s amazing we all aren’t dead, what with the crap that’s added to our food AFTER the crap that’s dumped in the ground, the water, and fed to the animals we use for food.

  11. Late to the discussion, sekan, else I would have advised you to check whether you were still logged into your account. No particular brilliance here, just that I’ve also been there, done that and bought the t-shirt. It happened to me the first day after I set up my account.

    However, I know how I did that (log out); I did it on purpose on shutting down my office computer for the night. I need to do that given 1) the fact that keeping it on wastes electricity; 2) it is not polite to just “shut down” without logging out; 3) with the “cleaning people” in the office every night, I don’t want to provide them with any opportunity to use my computer for their own personal reasons at night. Yes, I have my screensaver password protected to try to block unauthorized use, but I’d rather not take any chances.

  12. wicked

    I power down to minimum at night, probably because the ex pounded it into my brain NOT to push that power button on the tower unless absolutely necessary. Mine’s set to power down whenever not in use for like 30 mintes. Just goes to show how much I’m at this confounded desk.

    The habits we pick up…. tsk, tsk

  13. Once upon a time, it was best practice to not totally turn off a computer but to let it power down (‘sleep’) as there was a real concern about 1) the effects of the surge of power when the machine was turned on and 2) the real chance of “breaking” the power switch. Well, as to #2, that’s been shown to be not the problem it was once thought to be; and as to #1, for the past decade or so, this has been taken care of by newer electronic components which prevent the surge.

    Other reasons, once valid and maybe not so much anymore, to keep the computer on 24/7: spin up and down of the HDD, presenting opportunities for a crash or corruption of data on the drive; surge to the video chips/card, causing loss of output to the monitor; and loss of the monitor itself due to the surge on start or breaking the monitor power switch.