04/03/09 Public Square


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20 responses to “04/03/09 Public Square

  1. frigginloon

    Did I leave the iron on ?

  2. prairiepond

    Good morning blog buddies. It’s been a beautiful sunrise. And the moon, even though it was a half moon, was so bright last night it was casting shadows in my yard. I think it’s a waxing moon, and that is good for growing all things, including the peepers. Tomorrow and Sunday they are predicting rain and snow for us. It must be Kansas….

    • wicked

      Yes, a waxing moon at 61% full. It’s always good to see the moon. It puts balance in our lives, like yin and yang.

  3. prairiepond

    HA! loonie. G’day to you.

  4. fnord


    Can you run home to check? I’m gonna worry about that!

  5. frigginloon

    Hey morning Prairie P&Ps, it’s evening in my neck of the woods. Just finished howling. fnord, I have been worrying about it all day!

  6. jammer5

    ‘mornin loon, Prairie ‘n fnord. The irony of this whole thing amazes me.

  7. frigginloon

    Mornin Jammers 🙂 smarty pants

  8. prairiepond

    It could be a really good day for queers in Iowa, or it could be a really bad day. The Iowa Supreme court has said that today it will issue it’s ruling on whether that state’s ban on same sex marriage violates it’s constitution. I just wonder if they will fall into the “yea” or “nay” column. Andrew Sullivan predicts “yea”.

    Iowa, for crying out loud, could legalize gay marriage today. Kansas? Not so much….

  9. frigginloon

    Does that mean Ellen will be moving to Iowa?

  10. fnord

    I thought I was a news junkie, found out differently according to this “Weekly world news quiz.” Would you pass? And, is this the news we should be concerned with?


  11. fnord

    Just heard that Iowa became the third state in our nation to allow gay marriage.

  12. I got 5 out of 7; and, no, that quiz is not about news with which we need to be concerned. Just shows that I’m a “junk news junkie”, huh?

  13. I’m a blog junkie.
    News just happens to be a side effect of my addiction.

  14. fnord

    Maybe this will be like a snowball rolling downhill and gain momentum!

    “Vermont House Backs Gay Marriage

    MONTPELIER, Vt. — After impassioned pleas from gay and lesbian legislators sharing their own love stories in front of hundreds of partisans packing the chamber, the Vermont House on Thursday advanced a bill that would allow same-sex couples to marry.”


  15. David B

    A rescheduled Final Friday and the new First Friday
    Art and Music events in Old Town.

    It may be a very nice time… The Jazz Tuesday at the Fisch Haus was worth the time , btw…. I should have taken a bottle of red, however

  16. wmacw

    fnord – i did see however that it’s not expected to pass the governor’s veto. So much for equality.

    Looks like storms for us this weekend. Say some prayers for no hail. As many of you know, my company is restructuring some of their business practices, and is eliminating my department, which is currently regionalized, in favor of a national “call center” type arrangement. Beginning the end of this month, all new files will head to the call center, while my department has 90 days to finalize any existing files. Well, I found out yesterday that of the four people in our department, one girl is turning in her notice tomorrow, the other is transferring to a call center the middle of May, which leaves my manager and me to handle all remaining files – and it is currently a considerable number of files. Yikes – can we say stressed out? And if there is a hail storm… well, I shudder to think what is going to happen…

    Please keep the hubby in your thoughts too. This whole trying to find a job thing has become infinitely frustrating for him. He can get first interviews but can’t seem to get to a second, and NOBODY is providing feedback – he simply never hears back from them, regardless of messages left or emails sent… which makes it impossible for him to determine what he needs to do differently. The only job he seems to get past the door on is an insurance agent job- which if it was just us, wouldn’t be an issue. However, it’s commission only, and I don’t know that we are in a financial position at this point to be able to sustain ourselves if he has a bad month with little or no commission…. it may be our only option though – unemployment will only last two more months, and with the possibility that I may be getting laid off at the end of the summer as well, we have to find something soon… the job market out there is just awful, and now he will be competing against all those Cessna employees too… I’m starting to get rather worried…

  17. fnord

    According to Kansas Jackass —

    “The Kansas House of Representatives has passed HB 2014- the bill that would allow for the construction of two massive coal-fired power plants in southwestern Kansas.

    The vote was 74-48…that’s a full 10 votes short of enough to override Governor Kathleen Sebelius’s promised veto.

    That also means they lost 5 votes since they last voted on the coal bill.

    I almost feel bad for Speaker of the House Mike O’Neal- he failed even harder than Melvin Neufeld did last year.”


  18. fnord


    Has hubby looked into who they need to conduct the census? I understand from someone I trust they aren’t bad paying jobs.

  19. The US Census Bureau pays the median wage for whatever location you live/work in.
    If you speak more than one language, you’re practically a shoe-in.