04/01/09 Public Square


Did you ever pull an April Fool’s stunt? Will you share it with us?

This is your thread — take it and run, make it what you want it to be!


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  1. prairiepond

    No, I dont think I’ve ever pulled an April Fool’s stunt. At least not that I can remember. I dont like being fooled, and I dont really enjoy fooling others. It requires more stealth than I’m capable of using!

    But I will say Happy Birthday to my long gone but still, in my mind, perfect dog, Concha. My blond, blue eyed, and very vain girl would have been 17 today. She’s been gone a little over three years.

    I hope she gets steak, a burger, and ice cream with her pals at the Rainbow Bridge. She used to get a Happy Meal burger and a little taste of ice cream on her birthday. Some years, when I had more money, she got a steak. I loved her with all my heart.

    I miss her….

  2. prairiepond

    By the way, I HOWLED at the zebra graphic.

    I feel that way myself most days. Like my body, not to mention my mind, is unraveling and trailing behind me on the ground….

  3. prairiepond

    Ok, I’m off to the salt minds. At least on Wednesdays, it’s mindless labor. The paper gets printed and we fold and stuff and fold and stuff and fold and stuff.

    Then we haul mailbags, and haul mailbags, and haul mailbags…

    Just the kind of mindless labor we need after bruising our brains on Monday and Tuesday. Thursday is billing, accounting and bookkeeping day. Friday is custom printing day and clean up work.

    Then the fun starts all over again on Monday.

    What day is it again? 🙂 Oh yeah, FOOL’S day!

  4. frigginloon

    I wish I had spread this one, but in New Zealand evidently a newspaper printed a story that Microsoft had secretly bought Google. Oh and Prairie Pond happy birthday to Concha ….

  5. lilacluvr

    April Fool’s Day is my brother’s birthday. I lost my brother a year and half ago to cancer.

    But when I think of April Fool’s Day, I think back to the year the family got our first color television set. My sister and I had gone with our parents to the store to pick it out. The delivery was planned for later that day. When we got home, I made a bet with my brother that we would have a color television set by that night. Of course, he took that bet thinking it was a sure thing.

    When the men arrived to deliver the television, my brother looked at me and just started laughing. He knew when he had been played like a fiddle.

    The family all had a good time that night sitting together and watching the newest invention – color television.

  6. QnofHrts

    I can’t pull pranks. I’m too open and usually end up spilling the beans on myself. I suppose if I really wanted to but I don’t.
    MM loves pulling pranks on me. Wicked’s promised to use his proposal as fodder for one of her books – we’ll she how she spins it.
    The one I never let him forget is when he stole my original wedding ring and told me I lost it while packing (we were in the middle of moving at the time). I was searching high and low, unpacking boxes, sticking magnets down the vents. It miraculously appeared on Mother’s day in a box on my chair. I don’t usually hold a grudge but I’ve never forgiven him for doing that.

  7. If any of you are concerned about the Conficker worm that is allegedly programmed to do something today to your Windows machine, and from not being able to access the sites listed in the numerous articles being posted all over as having a “fix”, indicating the worm is on your computer, let me know.

    I love the way the designer of the worm put it together, in a way; (s)he designed it to exploit a weakness in the Windows OS, and then, as a part of its nefarious ways, the worm “patches” the OS so the lack of the patch is not obvious. This is likely most relevant to those running networks, BTW, and not the individual user.

    I run Linux, as y’all know; so, I will not be affected by it, and can get any patch or other update you might need, and send it to you via email. Or, if you have a Mac (or someone you know has a Mac) which is running OSX, you can also get to any needed patches, etc. via that route. If you go that route, the patch could be burned to CD and taken to the infected machine that way, or copied to a flash drive, and transferred to the infected machine that way.

    Of course, none of you will have anything to worry about; you’ve kept your Windows updated, and your AV apps updated, so nothing to worry about, right?

    P.S.: The above offer is good for the folks who are members of this blog; I won’t have time to deal with potentially thousands of requests that might come from those linked here from other sites. Sorry.

    • jammer5

      Now wouldn’t that be sumpin if the worm turned out to be the biggest April fools joke ever?

  8. For those who wonder just what the heck the above post was about, I offer
    for perusal.

  9. wicked

    Of course, none of you will have anything to worry about; you’ve kept your Windows updated, and your AV apps updated, so nothing to worry about, right?

    Right. It took one time of losing everything to teach me. The best lessons are learned the hard way. If I’m confickered, it’s through my own fault. But I’d love to have 5 minutes with the little bugger(s) who devised this pain-in-the-youknowwhat. As my bff says, “I’d peench his little head off.”

  10. wicked

    Now that I think of that “peenching”, I’m wondering what head she’s always been referring to… Never mind. Either would do. 😉

    On the April Fool’s joke, yes, I have one. AFD fell on a Sunday. I was probably in first or second grade, and decided a funny trick would be to take all the money from my mom’s purse and hide it before we left for church. Too bad my mom didn’t find the humor in the joke. I don’t recall every playing an AF’s joke again, probably because that one ended up being a bit painful for me.

  11. wicked

    Ah, there’s QnofHrts! Thank you for the comment on my blog!! I’ve been up to my ears in “stuff” and haven’t posted there much. And before sekan gets after me for not replying to comments, I’ll tell you thanks there, too. 🙂

    The proposal… I almost used it for something I’m working on now, but it just didn’t seem right for it. I do want it to be right, not just stuck to something. The time will come. You and MM may be celebrating your 40th by then, but, hey, it has to be right! LOL

  12. gster


    “I’m proud to be a throwback , even though I don’t recall playing that position during my football days. Is that somethiin’ like that stew thing we do on the golf course…. ahh.. mulligan? Anyway, I’m truly appreciatified , and Laura said something about being beyond mortificationin’! They said somethin’ about bronzing me and I asked if that is done in a tanning booth, I never got an answer, just a look.”, the Ex-Prez added.

  13. Is JetBlue pulling an April Fool’s stunt?


    • QnofHrts

      well according to Carrie Renger’s “Have you heard” blog – the jetblue is a funny.

  14. wicked

    Joke? Yes.

    JetBlue? No.

    It’s as easy as a click of the mouse to steal logos, nav buttons, etc. Nice that ‘Whoever’ linked those buttons straight to JetBlue though. Smart thinking!

  15. Bad Biker

    Hey folks! Sorry to use the blog for personal reasons, but please read what I am posting – it also appeared on that “other” blog.

    FOUND: Nine month old male Golden Retriever, healthy and VERY rambunctious, well mannered for a pup, housebroken, obeys some commands, fence jumper, somewhat small (60#.) He appears to be pure-bred. Nice dog, low miles.

    We found this pup wandering around Meridian and Pawnee. The dog has a tag, but it is not valid, no microchip and no other identifying information. He refuses to gives us his real name and address.

    We are running an ad in the paper and advertising on a local radio channel, but we think that his original owners may have just let him go.

    He needs a good home with plenty of room to run. Should we be unsuccessful in contacting his owners, we would like to place him with someone that can care for him as he deserves. We will not be taking him to the pound.

    If you are interested, you can contact me at WSClark52@gmail.com.

    Rover will be waiting for you!

    Hey, I am soft-hearted (don’t spread that rumor) for dogs and kids, but I can’t keep this pup and I want to find a good home for him, should his owners fail to claim him.

    Thanks for putting up with me!


  16. Hello Biker, you old softy.

  17. iggydonnelly

    My favorite April fools joke was on an intern who worked where I used to a long time ago. This woman never smiled – I did not think she knew how.

    We had one of our secretaries write one of those pink notes that you used to get telling you that you had a call to make.

    The note read: “Mr. Baher would like you to return his call, please.” The number given her was the number for the Sedgwick County Zoo.

    She dutifully called the number and realized she’d been had. She laughed and laughed. When I see her every so often I remind her of that gag. She still laughs about it.

  18. frigginloon

    A friend of mine told his eight year old daughter the cat was acting strange. After about an hour he told her come quick the cat has had kittens. She raced to the laundry to find the cat with six badly drawn kittens stuck to the washing machine. Hmm, the cat’s a male and has been sterilized! Grumpy way to start school.