03/31/09 Public Square


What are you kind of absolutely, positively sure of, at least right now in this moment? Share, but only if you really want to. 😉


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  1. prairiepond

    I’m absolutely, positively, sure that I’d rather be toasty warm here, blogging with you all today than fighting the damn wind and cold.

    I can haz lottery win?

    The chickens are positively sure they need another layer of straw in the coop. And their water thawed out A.S.A.P.

    Summer says she’s sure that she’d rather use the nice carpet as a pee pad than to go outside and whiz in the wind. She already did.

    Just another day on Downer Creek…

  2. prairiepond

    Iggy, that picture cracks me up.

    Is my Skype on? Is that where you saw it.

    I resemble that poor soul this morning.

  3. Downer Creek?……..HA!
    I love it. When I was a teenager I used to call Dad Captain Bringdown.

    Mornin’ prarie dogs.
    Hey I’m still inviting folks that I know fer sure.
    If you see any ‘pending’ that seem friendly it could be them. Bobbi and Leigh would be two. Of course they may not use those names.

  4. I resemble that…minus the HAIR!

  5. tosmarttobegop

    I had a miniature Dash hound that was like Summer, if it was not bright, warm and sunny he would not go outside to do his business and thought I was totally unreasonable because I thought he should. LOL I guess if my belly drug the ground I might also be concerned about what the ground temperature and conditions were too!

  6. prairiepond

    Heheh TSTBGOP. Me too!

    SEKB, that really is the name of the creek I live on. No kidding. Christened after a guy named Downer.

    But it damn sure applies today:)

    Off to work now….

  7. tosmarttobegop


    Spain weighs torture inquiry for 6 Bush officials
    Violation of international law at Guantanamo alleged
    By Marlise Simons | The New York Times
    March 29, 2009
    LONDON – A high-level Spanish court has taken the first steps toward opening a criminal investigation against six former Bush administration officials, including former Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, on whether they violated international law by providing a legalistic framework to justify the use of torture of American prisoners at guantanamo bay detention camp Cuba, an official close to the case said.

    The case was sent to the prosecutor’s office for review by Baltasar Garzon, the crusading investigative judge who ordered the arrest of the former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet. The official said that it was “highly probable” that the case would go forward and that it could lead to arrest warrants.

    Some American experts said that even if warrants were issued, their significance could be more symbolic than practical and that it was likely that they would not lead to arrests if the officials did not leave united states.

    The complaint under review also names John C. Yoo, the former Justice Department lawyer who wrote secret legal opinions saying the president had the authority to circumvent the Geneva Conventions, and Douglas J. Feith, the former undersecretary of defense for policy.

  8. iggydonnelly

    I’d like to take credit for the photo, but that was from our very own “brains behind pa” fnord. Anything interesting, esthetically pleasing, etc. here – will most likely be due to her work.

  9. David B

    The WEblog is so distasteful now… I feel like just scraping it off.

    I suppose you have all seen the “Douglas and Main” blog, the blog about Wichita-related blogs at;


  10. I knew that I should check for hidden cameras. Fnord, where did you hide it? 🙂

  11. wicked

    I want the little green critter’s slippers…

    David, we’re looking into getting hooked to D&M.

    Y’all have a great day! I’ll be working, so won’t be around much, unless I can get the boss (me) to let me play a little.

  12. David, scrape it off. We all agree.

  13. iggydonnelly

    I can’t tell if it is getting worse, or being there less makes it seem worse – in other words, I don’t have habituation working for me now.

    “All organisms habituate to punishment”- from an old boss of mine.

  14. wicked

    Did anyone see that Crowson will be back at the Eagle on Sundays?

  15. David B

    I’d like to share “my happy place” with you all.

    A few seconds of viewing helps soothe my troubled mind… ;->

  16. “All organisms habituate to punishment”- from an old boss of mine.
    This reminds me of the old experiment where college students volunteered to play roles as prisoners and gaurds. Sure enough, wasn’t long before ‘prisoners’ were subject to abuse by the ‘gaurds’ and the whole thing had to be stopped.

  17. wicked

    I just got a notice that Gary Welthy had checked in at Tracy’s instant spot blog, so I took it upon myself to email him and direct him to here. I sure hope that was okay.

    He’s a good ‘un.

  18. wicked

    Sorry, I hit the wrong key. Gary WelthA.

    Note to self:
    Never try to type with an 18-month-old’s help.

  19. Wow, people still go there?
    Maybe I should check every now and then.

    I checked out the main & douglass site.
    Not much to look at. I can’t imagine it inspiring many hits.

  20. Yeah, but wicked, who doesn’t love the e-trade babies?
    Especially the little black boy singing.

  21. I have also looked at the mainanddouglas site, and don’t really see how it will inspire many hits here. It is an interesting aggregation of things, no doubt, but not particularly “political” from what I could tell.

  22. Yeah 6176, the ugly thing is about as exciting as reading a phone book.

  23. I noticed that yesterday we got 71 views from alphainventions.com

    That ROCKS!
    Of course I went and commented.

    Forget mainanddouglass.

  24. jammer5

    Thank God for loratabs. The dry socket is not hurtin’ for the first time since Friday.

    I stopped by the old blog, and quickly bailed. Deja vu all over again.

    Music . . . glad you asked. http://www.myspace.com/geoffachison scroll down to ‘rule the world’. Fits. Nice easy blues.

  25. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jacob-dickerman/vaccine-denial-scientific_b_180026.html

    Warning: the language is a bit “rude and crude”, but the point is well made.

  26. jammer5

    Anyone ever see Weirdsville? I don’t know how to put it in words. The title says it all. Anyway, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings wrote a song for it called Stoned. Here it be:

  27. lilacluvr

    I look at the old blog just on the off chance someone new is posting. But no chance of that. I think they enjoy wallowing in all that negativity.

    Some of them like the fact they can sit all day and just spit out personal insults. I wonder if they would do that if they had to do face-to-face?

  28. I don’t want to know some of them.

  29. lilacluvr

    sekan….I know what you are talking about. Sad to say, but some of the worst offenders are always the ones preaching to everyone else. Then they wonder why no wonder listens to them.??

  30. wicked

    The email to Gary bounced back, so scratch that.

    As far as D&M goes, there is a section of political blogs listed, but I didn’t bother to check any of them out, so I have no idea if they’re left, right, middle, crazy, etc. Maybe another day? It’s a use it or don’t thing, which makes no difference to me. 🙂

  31. 6176746F6C6C65

    wicked, for curiosity, I clicked on a couple of the political blogs listed there. The ones I chose are not being maintained, FWIW.

  32. gster

    Hello- I finally found the place- that other “place” (WEB log) has more ignorance per blog than I can handle!Did it turn into an institution while I wasn’t looking??

  33. The ones I saw at mainanddoug looked like they amounted to advertising, for the most part.

  34. wicked

    Advertising makes the owner/author a little money. I don’t add advertising to anything, but for some people, it becomes a “side business”, for others, it pays for the server, if they don’t host on WordPress or Blogger/Blogspot.

    I also noticed that about half of them haven’t updated since the elections, and a few are candidates’ blogs. But I shouldn’t be talking about updating, so I’ll hush.

  35. Welcome Gman!
    Sorry about Mediocrity being so vacant!
    Saw your post waiting for approval, thus you’re IN.
    Former Mr. Mediocrity here.

  36. wicked

    Playing devil’s advocate here, but maybe we should show the other politicals listed on douglasandmain how it’s done? 😀 I didn’t see a lot of notice paid them by d&m, but I admit I haven’t roamed, except to check out a few listed. Gives one pause for thought.

  37. Everbody welcome Gster.

    Also a note on what Wicked just brought up, other blogs.
    One thing I find unbelievable is the number of blogs that I visit that have been around for YEARS, and you check out the comments? 1 or 2 maybe, on all the current posts.
    Yet, if I politely comment, and eventually name drop for our thriving blog? NO response!
    Damn….that Friggin’ Loon knows when and who to get on board with!
    You wanna win?
    Get in the boat with winners!

  38. Loon, YOU are a winner!

  39. jammer5

    “Hello- I finally found the place- that other “place” (WEB log) has more ignorance per blog than I can handle!Did it turn into an institution while I wasn’t looking??”

    Ahhh . . .the master of humor has arrived. Welcome.

  40. wicked

    Welcome, gster!!

  41. FYI, for those that know about my Dad’s situation.
    A pretty nasty looking pressure sore showed up.
    Nurse/Doctor will be taking a look today.
    Looks like he’ll be stuck in bed for weeks….again.
    Poor guy.
    I can’t imagine the mental stress.
    Thank god for his computer.

  42. wicked

    sekan, I should be ashamed to say that my “business” blog rarely gets comments, but I DO reply to any that are made. No comments and no hit counter added means I often think nobody drops by to even read. I’m not sure I would either. LOL

  43. gster, you can call me 6176; or just 6; just don’t call me Johnson.

  44. gster

    Thank you for the welcome.

  45. 10-4 Johnson……….HA!

  46. Wicked, that’s what amazes me.
    Not that they have no traffic, if it weren’t for you, 6176, fnord, pond Gster, etc, KS Mediocrity would have never had a hit. You guys are great!
    The amazing fact is that they don’t respond.
    You do!

  47. fnord

    Gster! Soooo good to see you! Pull up a chair and make yourself at home. Your comments are usually short and sweet, always guaranteed to bring either a smile or some thought. I am the poster previously known as l i n d a. 😉

  48. fnord

    OK, so this is what it’s like to not be a bum! You return home from a hard day at the salt mines and find 327 new views, and I don’t know how many new comments. I do know I don’t want to miss any of the comments… BUT, Wayne looks hungry, the two cats and one dog are looking like they may find a new hooman — one who will reliably stay hone to take care of their needs! And, the worst part? I have to be back there early tomorrow morning so can’t stay awake all night! Aaarrrggghhhh!

  49. fnord

    Worse than not getting to be with you guys all day is that now when I’m home, you’re all gone! There’s no one to play with. 😦

  50. prairiepond

    fnord, I feel your pain.

    Summer escaped her damn kennel today. HOW did that happen? She’s too smart and strong for her own good. When I pulled up to the house after work, she was looking at me through the kitchen window.


    Table dancing, I tell you. My baby was TABLE DANCING! Standing on top of the kitchen table. Dancing.

    Arrrrrgggggggg! Houdini dog!

    She put me on notice that she will be advertising for a new hooman next week. She’s lonely and tired of me going to a job.

    I miss my blog buddies too. And irony of ironies, now that I’m working full time at the NEWSpaper, I dont have time to read the news.


    Like I said this morning, I can haz lottery win?

  51. prairiepond

    Gster! Dude! We’ve been waiting for you!!!!!! Glad you made it here. You make every party more fun.

    Speaking of hits on a blog, Peg has had over 100,000 hits in a month at times.

    And maybe, MAYBE, two or three comments a day, at most.

    We’re doing good, y’all. REAL good!

  52. prairiepond

    …and yeah, I know, the correct grammar is “well” but, who the hell talks like that?

  53. fnord

    This has to make you chuckle, or laugh out loud while rolling on the floor!

    Obama’s health nominee Sebelius reveals tax errors”

    “Unintentional errors” involving charitable contributions, mortgage interest and business expenses were revealed in a review of her and her husband’s tax returns by a certified accountant, prompting them to file amended returns, Sebelius wrote to top members of the Senate Finance Committee.

    “As a result of these amendments to our 2005, 2006 and 2007 returns, we paid a total of $7,040 in additional tax and $878 in interest,” she said in the letter to Max Baucus, the Democratic head of the committee, and Charles Grassley, its ranking Republican.”


  54. Thunderchild

    Well, I have it mostly opposite the posters here.

    Where I belong is the WEBlog, and that’s ok. I just don’t have a lot to do over here.

    I DID think I would bring you a laugh.

    Who KNEW a con like Joe could laugh so hard at something other than a small animal being tortured?

  55. iggydonnelly


    Tried your youtube link – got a “Sorry your video is no longer available” – which is ironic to me because I am reaching the point with you where I am no longer understanding your needs to mix it up with assh*les and dumb f*cks.

    Please tell me how what you are doing there makes your or anyone’s life any better. The place is a huge waste of time.

    I am disappointed you can’t rise above the crap over there and contribute something – anything! to any place or any time.

    Take care, “Wish you were here” (from Pink Floyd),

  56. iggydonnelly


    I am starting to understand our mutual friend’s disappointment with you. I am not ready to think the things he was, but, come on, you can do better than what you’re doing now.

    If you can’t, I feel sorry for you.

  57. gster

    prairiepond- Thanks for the welcome. What are you doing full time at the paper; the last I head you were writing a column- did it evolve into something bigger?

    (PS- I still seee much more than I understand!)

  58. prairiepond

    Hi Gster! Yeah, I was just freelancing for them, then they asked me to work full time. I agreed to three days a week or so, but it’s turned out to be more full time than part time.

    I dont like leaving the farm, but I did need the money. And they are long term friends, and were kind of in a pinch for help, so I was glad to be there for them as they have always been there for me when I needed them. Nice to be able to return the favor.

    I HATE having a job 🙂 But if I have to have one, (and I do right now) this is a good’n. Newspaper pay is always lousy, but it’s work I enjoy with people I love. And I’m upgrading my skills in learning to set ads and do the graphics stuff, which isnt my long suite. Beside, they buy me lunch everyday, so I guess I’m kinda working for food. Heheheheh.

    We’ve had people come in the office and ask what the heck is so funny because they could hear us laughing from the sidewalk. Ya gotta know, jobs dont get much better than that!

  59. prairiepond

    One more thing….

    I worked at this same paper at the same desk twenty five years ago. You should see the double take some people give me when they see me at that desk again. You can just tell it confuses their brain with a “wtf, am I having a flashback?” kind of look on their faces.

    It makes us laugh even more. Even the printer troll comes up from the basement sometimes to see what we’re laughing about. He just shakes his head, gets more coffee, and goes back down to work. He’s worked their for 35 years straight.

    We do a lot of custom printing too, something most papers gave up along time ago.

  60. prairiepond

    So Gster, Enquiring Minds want to know, what have you been up to? How are you? Fill us in on the scoop with you.

    Seriously, we’ve missed you. Our little merry band of bloggers just isnt the same without you.

    Dish, man, dish!

  61. gster

    prairiepond- In answer to your question, I’m doin’ fine. Due to the economy, I work 3 days a week and have a 4 day weekend every week. With my military retirement, thank you very much, I’m OK , and have much more time to throw a leg over my new motorcycle and go.

    I think I’ve maxed out buying guitars- I have 12 or 13 , and the living room looks like a recording studio. I have been working on playing the blues ,and thought I was doin’ good ’till I noticed my Shelties leave the room every time I plug in my Fender. It got worse when they started leaving when I picked up my Martin acoustical! Everyone’s a damn critic- they obviously forgot I’m King in their food chain.
    I’m sure I’m still the kid my mother didn’t want me to play with. Oh well……