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Robert Gates is saying we should not expect a change in “Dont Ask Dont Tell” anytime soon. The AP is saying this:

“Defense Secretary Robert Gates says both he and President Barack Obama have “a lot on our plates right now.” As Gates puts it, “let’s push that one down the road a little bit.”

The White House has said Obama has begun consulting with Gates and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on how to lift the ban. Gates says that dialogue has not really progressed very far at this point in the administration.”

And in other bad news…

The Kansas Non-Discrimination Statute Proposal is dead, again, for this year. The Kansas Senate Federal and State Affairs Committee, on a 5-3 vote, recommended the full Senate approve a measure to make sure no one could be fired from their job for being nothing other than gay. That was the good news.

The bad news is that on Monday, March 23, Senate President Steve Morris, through his own authority, sent this bill back to the Federal and State Affairs committee.

According to Kansas Jackass, this means that “instead of having the bill sit on the calendar waiting for a debate, it goes back to the committee that already voted it out once, and waits for next year’s legislative session, when it will again get voted out and will, again, wait on the calendar for its day of floor debate.

The committee still supports the bill, the bill isn’t actually dead- matter-of-fact, it’s still quite alive- and will be back in 2010.”

All in all, it’s not been a good week for gay folks.


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  1. prairiepond

    Some of you have visited Kansas Jackass at his blog. I’ve thought maybe we should link there, but he does have LOTS of wingnuts who read and post, and the bad actors from the blogthatshallnotbenamed may use it to get here.

    I’ll just post a link to his blog so you can read it for yourselves. It’s a lefty blog, but highly partisan for the Kansas Democratic Party.

  2. Girl, I’m glad you wrote some stuff.
    Hooo-ray! You write so well.
    I suffered through writing that thing yesterday.
    I felt like I had scrambled eggs for brains, just trying to make a couple of points.
    I don’t know that I could handle going back to school.
    About the week in Gay rights, seems to me that since the folks doing the legislation aren’t gay, they don’t really have a dog in this fight. Even if they agree it needs to be done, it’s just to easy to put it off.
    Which leads me to ask, do why have any elected officials who are openly gay in kansas?

  3. prairiepond

    I think Kansas Jackass is the only openly gay elected official in Kansas. He’s on the city council at Osage City, I think. I know he’s on the city council somewhere. I dont know if the openly gay city council member in Lawrence is still in office or not, but he came out after he was elected.

    We actually have one here too, but she’s not so open. Everyone knows, but she wont come right out and say it. But her term of office is over in April.

    Being openly gay is kind of the kiss of death in Kansas as far as being elected to anything. Ask Chris Renner and Inga Taylor, among others.

  4. prairiepond

    Thanks SEKB, I’m glad you like my writing. I like yours too, and you shouldnt worry about how well you do. The Queen of Snark declares you do just fine.

    All hail the Queen!

  5. fnord

    I love your writing, sekanblogger! Don’t you go being your own worst enemy! I’ll feel like you need a scolding, wagging finger and all.

  6. prairiepond

    Yeah, ya friggin’ blogger. What Fnord said!

  7. I’m just lacking confidence, not to speak of writing training/skills!
    I have been out reading and commenting on other kansas lefty blogs.

    Yeah, I checked out KS JackAss. I’m not sure I wanna wade into that blog. yet…

  8. iggydonnelly

    I sensed that SEKblogger (the confidence part) and it surprised me. I am ever so glad you took the leap. I was quite impressed by your recent contributions. Dude, you’ve got what it takes. But we all knew that. Glad you do too, now.

  9. iggydonnelly

    I must turn in. It is getting really late, or early, depending upon your perspective. Later, I.D.

  10. lilacluvr

    I never did understand what the big problem was about homosexuals in the military. When I am in a group of people, I never think about who is gay and who is straight. That thought just never crosses my mind.

    It seems the military are more concerned about someone possibly be gay but all these rapes can happen on their bases, and they don’t seem to mind that. What’s up with that?

    Is the military run by just some special group of macho men that see it as their ‘right’ to be whatever they want to be and to do whatever they want to do?

    When are we all going to learn that it is the character of a person that makes the difference, not their sexual preference?