03/29/09 Public Square

How are YOU this fine morning?


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  1. Bad Biker

    Happy post-blizzard Sunday to ya’ll! I hope you all are doing well and looking forward to a return of Springtime.

    My dog (Rufus the Dufus) really enjoyed the snow. I had a heck of a time getting him to come in. I did a little shoveling yesterday but have been pretty much house-bound with a case of beer and the NCAA tourny for company. I like to WALK! Rufus and I usually get in at least a few miles a day, but I am not about to chance breaking bones on slippery streets filled with mush and ice. Rufus has an advantage over me – he is four-paw drive.

    It’s too bad that KU couldn’t close the show against MSU, but they went pretty far for a team that wasn’t even ranked earlier this year. If Collins comes back for his Senior season, they should be awesome next year.

    Anyway, I think I’ll whip up a big pot ‘o chili today and chill out with the TV and a beer or three.

    Later folks!

  2. prairiepond

    Hey Biker, good to see ya. We didnt get much snow here, and it’s all gone now. I’m going to do some chores outside if the wind permits. I have to get ready for the baby chicks arriving on Friday, and the seed potatoes and onions arriving next Tuesday.

    And Summer is being pitiful and needing attention. She doesnt play well alone.

  3. Bad Biker

    Just curious…………….. I paid a visit to that “other” blog and I had a question……..

    Why are all these “good” Christian right wingers blogging on Sunday morning? Shouldn’t they be in church? And how could they possibly go to church after posting the hate-filled vile commentary they are spreading?

    Like I said, just curious……………………

  4. fnord

    Good morning!

    Let the melting continue, ’cause like Biker, me and my canine friend like to walk too.

    Did anyone read the article in this morning’s Eagle titled, Lives Intersect at Douglas and Main? It’s about this Wichita blogger dude, Bobby Rozzell, who says that with his blog he helps Wichita bloggers connect and interact.

    I think we need to get on his blogroll!

    Check this out —


    Maybe we could put our heads together to form a catchy email and get his attention?

    • Pedant

      Morning all.

      Hope yall can enjoy your snow. Here in coastal Virginia it’s about 65, partly cloudy, and humid (I think we’ve had rain daily for at least 20 days so far in March).

      What the heck does a guy have to do to get an editor’s key here? I’m hanging this post off the end of fnord’s because to post anything I can only “reply” to somebody.

      Hey biker, I think Collins’ return to KU next year will pay the biggest dividends if some other guard steps up and gives him options other than pull up and shoot, drive and shoot, or dump off inside to Aldrich. Collins needs to be able to dump off to another shooting guard. If that guard can also drive inside — and if Aldrich returns next year (my brother tells me his father recently became unemployed in Minnesota, which may pressure the son to jump to the NBA early) — KU will be mighty, mighty tough next year.

      /armchair Self.

      • Pedant

        Uh, I should probably explain what I mean by “editor’s key.” I do not mean to say that I think I should be an editor here. Instead, I am using “editor’s key” to mean “the ability to reply to the topic, not just to other posters.”

        Sorry for that, it’s only part of the price I pay daily for having the attention span of a gnat.

  5. Morning prarie dogs. I think we got about 6″ snow on top of a shitload of rain. Now it’s going to be 45 today and not even below 40 tonight. Get out yer’ redballs. (no, no, I mean rubber boots).
    Which reminds me of a question/answer.
    Q: What’s the best thing about Southeast Kansas?
    A: It’s the farthest point in the state from Northwest Kansas. HA!

    Yes we need to get on some blogrolls. My idea is that when we find suitable blogs, we go comment.
    And comment, and comment.

  6. Attention span?
    What were you saying?

  7. fnord, could you checkout the spam?
    One postfrom jacksmith seems to be connected to a blog. It’s a copy of a post from an eblogger blog.
    It’s kinda long, but may be legit.

  8. fnord


    I’ll see if I can get you that key, and take a look at the spam sekanblogger. Off to mess with the inards. It’s always kinda dangerous when I do this. 😉 Exciting too!

  9. I hope somebody writes sumpin’ to post about the Repubs laughable budget proposal that doesn’t even have numbers.
    Pitiful obstructionists.

  10. fnord


    I put that post you mentioned into spam. It was “pending,” and looked more like spam than legit to me. Iggy can make the final decision. Look at the email addy where it originated — @mailinator.com, does that look like an individual?


    I guess you have to go to WordPress.com to set up an account, then you can be president, big shot, lurker, looks like the possibilities are endless! Bother, I know, but it does allow us to keep out the riff-raff. Not that we’re terribly picky or against allowing some a second or third or fourth chance to behave, but there are a few we just don’t mess with for very good reasons!

  11. fnord

    March 25, 2009 at 10:25 am · Edit

    Look at the front page! 1,000 hits here on this fine Wednesday, March 25th late morning. Okay, now on to the next thousand!


    See above post from 4 days ago. Now go look at the “Blog Stats” on the front page. Looks like our next thousand will happen soon (today!?).

    On to three thousand!

  12. prairiepond

    I’ll try to take a stab, (no pun intended) at the budget without numbers thingy. I may recycle a little from the thread killer I posted yesterday. I havent done a new thread by myself yet, so I may need training wheels.

  13. Pedant

    I’m in!

    Thanks fnord!

    Howzit, pp!

  14. fnord

    Pedant, you’re not just “in,” you’re an Editor! 😉

    I found this excellent article at The New Yorker.

    Despite the recent war in Gaza, high-level peace talks are in advanced stages between Israel and Syria. In yet another remarkable story rife with sources at the top of international affairs, Sy Hersh details how the negotiations, if successful, could begin a new era in the Middle East. If Syria shows that dealing with Israel is not only possible but beneficial, Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah would be forced to reexamine their hard-line stance against the West. The talks center on the disputed Golan Heights—rich in religious significance and, perhaps more important, water—which Israel took from Syria in the Six-Day War of 1967. Syria’s president says President Obama himself must play a role in the discussions, and Hersh presents the moment as a legitimate opportunity for Obama to claim the legacy of “the President who facilitated peace in the Middle East.”


  15. No weighty comments from me this bright and sunny day, just happy to see that most seemed to survive the recent weather unpleasantries well.

    We lost power about 3:20 a.m. Saturday morning. Due to the good efforts of the Westar crews, we got it back around 11:10 a.m. Saturday. As we are all electric, it was then time to get warm, get a shower, and get back to life “as normal”.

    Navigating the streets was hazardous late Friday (had to retrieve #2 from her employment; it’s amazing how many folks will risk life and limb to get to a movie). Saturday, due to no power, we decided to risk going out for breakfast. The worst part of that was the parking lot of the diner; we got stuck, and a kind young man with a four-wheel drive had a chain, and pulled us out of our parking place so we could go on our way. I had neglected to ensure the shovel and “kitty litter” were in the car, thus the need for outside assistance. I spent a good deal of the morning once returning from breakfast helping neighbors who were trying to leave push their cars out of bad situations; needless to say, I’m still paying for that today (I’m sore in places I’d forgotten I had). The one for whom I had the most sympathy was the young woman (from the South) who, due to her two children under age 5, was leaving to go to some friends with electricity. She had absolutely no idea on how to extricate herself from her predicament (if she had, I’d not had to push). Unfortunately for her, her husband, who has the requisite knowledge and experience, has recently been deployed to Afghanistan, leaving her in the untenable position of needing to drive in the mess of yesterday morning to find a warm place for her and her children.

    Gave #2 a thrill by illustrating how to “cut a donut” in the parking lot of her employer. The intent was to show how one can maneuver on slick surfaces, but I think the educational nature of the exercise was lost on her. It did, however, allow me to recall some of the “fun” of my youth.

    Going out to get her late last night found the major streets to be in reasonably decent shape; there were moments on side streets, and in the parking lot (once again) that made me regret the trip (no one hit me, and I hit no one, it’s just that at my advanced age, steering into a skid isn’t really what I want to be doing). I shall state my belief that people who drive SUVs, etc., should not be allowed to take ownership of these vehicles without demonstrating an understanding of the basic laws of physics. They need not be able to compute the coefficient of friction, e.g., only demonstrate a basic understanding of the concept.

    Today, the streets are clear (or if not clear, the combination of traffic and the sun are making them much more drivable), and there are the busy entrepreneurs with the “blades” on the front of the pickup trucks, jeeps, etc., clearing parking lots making everyone’s life more bearable. It appears there are many attending a movie today; cabin fever apparently strikes quickly here. #2 scoffs, recalling what it is like in Maine, especially last winter when the wonderful small place where she attended college received >12 feet of snow over thw winter, much of which remained until April, although falling in December, January, etc.

    The forecast shows warming weather on the way, and this will soon be but a memory. The sooner the better for me, and I am sure for most everyone else.

  16. prairiepond

    Mr. Numbers, I’m glad you and yours are ok. And I dont care how old we get, cuttin’ donuts in a relatively safe parking lot is FUN!

    And like #2, I used to HOWL at Texans who paniced when there was a freeze warning. That meant the temp was dropping below 32 that night.

    Big eye roll…..

  17. Hey, y’all, we’re all friends here, and my friends call me “6176”; much easier to type than “Mr. Numbers”, right?

  18. fnord

    In other words, you don’t always recognize who we’re talking about when we say, “Mr. Numbers.”

    6176 it is then!

    I’m glad to see Michigan State doing so well in their game against Louisville. If Kansas couldn’t be playing, I take some small pleasure in the team that beat them doing the beating.

  19. prairiepond

    HA! 6176 works for me. I’m lazy and need an easy nic.

  20. prairiepond

    Can we shorten it to just “6”?

    hee hee hee heeeeeee!

  21. In the same spirit of 6176, ya’ll can shorten mine anyway ya want.
    I never think of the number of keystrokes unless I hafta type it all the time.

  22. prairiepond

    Heheheh. You can call me PP.

    Or, as Paul Simon says “you can caaaaaallll meeeeee Al”

    Just dont call me late for dinner.

  23. prairiepond

    The wind is blowing about 50 mph here. No kidding. Summer just came in and asked me to tie lead weights on her so she could keep playing outside….

  24. fnord

    I got to meet Summer! She is one active girl. She’ll play until she wears everyone out, then she’ll lick you until you are revived enough to run around and do the keep away again, or at least throw something for her to fetch. Which, btw, she will bring back and not let go of — then you’re back to keep away or a tugging wrestling match. Such a good puppy!

  25. prairiepond

    Heh. Thanks Fnord. I love my baby! She has worn me out today and is now starting on the licking/reviving part.

  26. My pup Joey was so funny this morning.
    He loved the soft fluffy snow last night, but that damned crunchy stuff that his paws kept breaking through, not so much.
    And it seems to bother both dogs to hafta poop on top of the snow. Just not natural.

  27. prairiepond

    Hey SEKB, I didnt know you had a pup! Summie hates the snow poopin’ too.

    I remember you saying one time that you were thankful you had a warm place to poop. Me too. I’m guessing it’s a good thing we are not dogs.

  28. Joey is my second adopted stray.
    We picked up Addie (Adeline) about 5 yrs ago, apparently abandoned and wandering around at the church we belong to. She’s a beautiful german shepard/husky mix. Great family dog. Very threatining to strangers. Got her fixed cutrate through the local shelter.
    The new pup Joey is a heeler mix. He’s a real character who will chew/eat anything. little bastard, I love him.
    on another topic, I went and left a comment on the jacksmith blog, from the link with the suspected spam. I told him to come back and mention sekanblogger and we’d post his opinion as a guest blogger. So if he shows up as a real blogger you’ll know. I see he musta cutnpasted the thing lotsa places, and some neocons and nutballs are giving him hell.

  29. Oh yeah, Joey turns 1 year this week, we think.

  30. Well, my NCAA bracket is officially toast. I think I’ll be rooting for Michigan State, who did “recruit” me as a student while I was in high school.

    Time for me to leave this blog for today to engage in my parental duties, including but not limited to a trip to Dillons to stock up for the upcoming week. Y’all be good; and if you can’t be good, be safe; and if you can’t be safe, be sanitary.

  31. prairiepond

    Heheh 6176.

    I couldnt help but think of our friend ch-as when I was reading on another website today. Our other friend, poli-mum told me about it. It’s the history of a family in what I presume to be our preacher friend’s neck of the woods. The family history I was reading was about a Swiss Mennonite family.

    “Granddad never lost his Swiss brogue. He was a delight to listen to when his words got tangled as they tumbled out. He would instruct his daughters to “Run the barn down and throw the old cow over the fence some hay.” When inquiring about a new baby, he would invariably ask, “Is she a boy?”

    The characteristics of the parents certainly were passed on to the girls. Depending upon how one viewed an encounter with any one of them, they were like their Daddy; whether solid-as-a-rock, bold and firm, staunch Christians, or on the other hand, for those who might not agree with them, they could be opinionated, unreasonable, judgmental, and just plain stubborn and inflexible. This led to many heated discussions around the dinner table (which left a big impression on small ears!) over whether to wear strings on the prayer coverings, cape dresses, plain coats, way of Bible interpretation, where you doctored, the kind of car to drive, how the neighbors raised their children, what was worldly and what was not! To admit being wrong would have been “next of kin” to sin, or for that matter, so would allowing the other person to have a differing opinion. To live a sinless life each one had to be right! Time and maturity managed to resolve

    most differences. The “gift of being right” was from their Dad. He didn’t necessarily argue with you, he just stated his opinion (very loudly) and you could take it or leave it and that was that!

    In all fairness to our Balmer heritage, I need to insert that they were not alone in “having to be right.” This was a teaching of the church. Certainly, if you were wrong and died tonight, you’d surely wake up in hell. In this period of time more of the teachings were about the wrath of God, and the Merciful God didn’t seem to exist.”

    Kind of reminds me of stand the floor up and the need to never admit you are wrong. It gave me some more understanding of someone I think of very fondly. I wish he’d join us here!

    A linky to the family history


    It was long, but I like that kind of stuff!

  32. prairiepond

    No wonder I dont get nuttin done around here!

  33. annie_moose

    This is so cool