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Is Religiosity genetic? It appears so…

Obviously a person’s religious affiliation will be influenced by cultural factors as well as family history. However, based upon studies in twins who were raised apart, there have been findings that religiosity – a person’s depth of religious feeling and adherence to a religion’s rules – does have a genetic component (Wade & Tavris, 2008). These authors contend that the heritability of religiosity is mediated by the heritability of personality traits. In a study of liberal and fundamentalist Protestant Christians, the fundamentalists scored much lower than the liberals on the dimension of “openness to experience” (Streyffeler & McNally, 1998). When religiosity combines with conservatism and authoritarianism (an unquestioning trust in authority), the result is a deeply ingrained acceptance of tradition and dislike of those who question it (Olson, et al., 2001; Saucier, 2000).


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So, it is true, those people are fundamentally different (no pun, intended).


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03/25/09 Public Square

Birger Sandzen Birger Sandzen

Good morning,  all.  Today I have to go pay people money and shepherd lost college students.  Will be back later…


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