Did I miss something with the Loon?

I guess I missed what you were referring to, sekanblogger.  If I offended him/her, I’d be glad to apologize and ask for forgiveness.


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  1. iggydonnelly

    I think maybe you were referring to the stuff showing up on dashboard? I will have to look in my Dummies book to see what the significance, if any, that has.

  2. No, I think we’re all cool.
    After you left your links the string goes on;

    March 24, 2009 at 9:22 am
    Hi ya Iggy, nice link! Maybe a comment would be suffice

    March 24, 2009 at 1:02 pm
    “birth of my cynicism, sarcasm and an endless flow of wonderment .”
    This line reminded me of something that one of my favorite performers, musician Shawn Phillips said on NPR’s World Cafe in an interview.
    This is site is purposely not mainstream.
    Same for the artist I mention.
    Nice site…..you friggen loon!

    March 24, 2009 at 1:11 pm
    Hi ya Sekan Blogger. It’s about time one of you Prairie Populists and Progressives dropped in for a chat! Thanks for the comment.
    I’m not sure but loon sounded a little irritated?
    not sure what to make of “Maybe a comment would be suffice (with an open-mouthed smiley face behind it)

    Sounded like bff’s 4th rule, don’t know.
    In any case, we’re gonna be friends what that friggin loon!

  3. fnord

    I’m friends with a few friggin loons. In fact, I think I resemble that remark! So, if we put our link there we should at least say, “Hi!”

  4. His site sure isn’t getting the comments ours is.

    Maybe that’s a factor?
    I dunno, but I’m going to comment over there ocasionally.

  5. Oh, and yes, on the dashboard there’s the incoming links. I saw that last night and went there. I’m not sure how the links show up.

  6. prairiepond

    OK, sigh. Could someone fill me in, via email or whatever, about loon and who he/she is? I’ve obviously missed something.

    But speaking of birds… heheheh.

    This blog post is a must read. I got to it by drilling down on Crooks and Liars and following links. It isnt gross, despite the awful title of the blog, but it made me physically sick.

    I get sick like that when I feel the earth, the land, the water, being raped. It’s how I feel every time Hays and Russell suck another lake dry. It’s how I feel about destructive farming practices and how King Corn dominates common sense.

    It’s how I feel when I see someone has lost their home to tornado or flood or some other natural disaster. But this disaster is human made. And not by good “hoomans” either. There’s a lot of info here that I hadnt heard before. This is a plea for you to go read.

    On the twentieth anniversary of the Valdez spill all I can say is “Bless you Uncle Paul” and “Damn you Exxon. Damn you to hell.”


    Oh, and btw, it’s from the ever wonderful Greg Palast.

  7. Pondie, we’re discussing the website The Friggin Loon and the author. From the below post, “We Are Not Alone”

  8. prairiepond

    Jeebus, I feel like that Indian guy on the litter commercial with the tear running from his eye. And in case you want to know what rat bastids Hays and Russell are concerning water and their ethanol plant, check this out. This is EXACTLY the same thing, the same process to a “t” that they followed in draining Cedar Bluff.

    We warned everyone that when they were done killing Cedar Bluff, they’d go after Lake Wilson. No one listened. We warned Sebelius and her merry henchmen at the Kansas Water Office that they were setting dangerous precedent for water policy by using the water in Cedar Bluff as political capital. And no one listened. We got this water district stopped for 28 months, but like a damn zombie vampire, it keeps coming back from the grave.

    It’s all come true, like some crazy premonition nightmare. Sorry for sounding so melodramatic, but this stuff is quite personal to me. Fnord knows how much I love this place, and how beautiful the land and creeks are, and how precious the water is.

    Damn them all to hell too.


    Oh, and btw? In 2004, The Kansas House Committee on the Environment held a hearing here about the “economic impact” of letting Hays and Russell drain Cedar Bluff. They passed a resolution saying it would indeed have an adverse impact on the region.

    And then they gave their blessing to do it anyway. Politics uber alles.


  9. tosmarttobegop

    I just went to Loon’s blog and left a comment.

  10. fnord

    You’re not just smart, you’re also kind.

  11. tosmarttobegop


    In case anyone is interested I started my own blog. I figure I might as well since I have the habit of being long winded anyway.

  12. iggydonnelly

    “OK, sigh. Could someone fill me in, via email or whatever, about loon and who he/she is? I’ve obviously missed something.”

    It is only some blog that linked to us, that I am trying to figure out – not important, really.

    Sorry to hear about the environmental news. I will always read Greg Palast – that man is effing brilliant! Thanks for the link.

    To elaborate: Greg Palast is maybe the only investigative journalist left on this planet. He is trained in forensic accounting (worked in some variety of law enforcement) and he knows when people are being disingenuous about money – which is what criminal corporations do. Money represents people’s real motivations and Greg knows that as well. Read anything written by him. He is a treasure for this country.

  13. It seems to me that when you fill out your profile, and you list this site as your homepage/url, as you comment on other wordpress sites, your screen-name is a live link on every site you comment on.
    I think that’s what’s showing up on the control panel under ‘incoming links’….I think.
    I know, most of us are just gawd-awful busy, but I try to get around to other progressive’s sites and comment. Hopefully they will like us as much as we like us, and put us on some kinda ‘bloggroll’.

    I think it was Yogi Berra who said
    “If you don’t go to other people’s funerals, they won’t come to yours.”

  14. fnord


    I don’t think you missed anything! It’s always possible I’m reading this wrong, but here’s how I see it:

    Loon blogs on WordPress, found our blog and linked to it, you went to his / her blog and put our link without making a comment. Loon thought leaving a comment with the link would have been more neighborly. So, sekan and tosmart have both left comments now and I think all is well with ‘the neighborhood.’

  15. prairiepond

    I left a comment over there too. Damn but we’re a friendly bunch arent we? 🙂

    I also left an invite for them to come over here once and a while.

    In Kansas, we love company!

  16. frigginloon

    You guys crack me up. I have no idea how you Prairie Progressives came to be linked to the Loon (and by the looks of things neither do you) but here is a hint
    http://unsilentgeneration.com/2009/03/23/why-bank-rage-is-not-populism/ ain’t going where it should!
    Hmm, for one brief moment The Loon was soaking in populism. But alas that moment passed.

  17. Loon, any blog host that takes the time to resond to comments is cool with me, and I’ll be back to your site.
    When we go somewhere, we usually do that in numbers! (we are, however, a friendly MOB)

  18. from that friggin loon

    March 25, 2009 at 1:36 pm
    Morning loon, I sent a few common-taters over, hope you don’t mind?
    I was sayin’ to myself, self, we gotta get some friggin comments for that friggin loon.
    I know, off topic.

    Bailiff- WHACK HIS PEE-PEE!

    March 25, 2009 at 3:33 pm
    You guys rock, shall send some of my Loons your way…..

  19. frigginloon

    Thanks Sekan and the rest of you Prairie Pops. Enjoy the day and watch for falling satellites!