Rules for blogging here…

These are some decency, common courtesy,  standards for bloggin’ that I am borrowing from Arianna Huffington.  I’m relatively sure, she wouldn’t mind.

I will delete comments that:

  • are abusive, off-topic, or use excessive (I know how much that is, when I see it) foul language
  • use ad homonym attacks, including comments that celebrate the death or illness of any person, public figure or otherwise
  • contain racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other slurs
  • are solicitations and/or advertising for personal blogs or websites
  • are posted with the explicit or implicit ( we can tell when it is implicit, even if you can’t) intention of provoking other commenters or staff at Prairie Populists and
  • Plus, because as my anti-hero, Ronald Reagan said, “I paid for this microphone”; I can do whatever I think is required.
  • Disagree with any of the above?  Pay for your own microphone, asshole…

[The last two bullet points were mine, not my bff,  Arianna’s.]

If I have to delete you, more than one time, you will be considered for banning from this site.  I will run this by my tender hearted friend, fnord.

She, trolls, is your advocate.   I, on the other hand, am not…  Think defense versus prosecuting attorneys…



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8 responses to “Rules for blogging here…

  1. I’m not sure if a name change is neccesary, but if iggy feels it’s needed I agree. My only thought is that if it’s going to happen it should be done early on.
    I saw the ‘incoming links’ section. I like it. I also like the way wordpress auto-generates related articles. Gives me a chance to find quality stuff without surfing all night.

  2. prairiepond

    I think those are good rules. I’ll try to abide, although you all know, following rules isnt what I do best. I’ll try to rein in my defiance disorder!

  3. Defying your defiance?
    Hmmm…….that’s a tough one.

  4. fnord

    As long as no blogger is abused, I’m good! Sometimes people who wear their hearts on their sleeves will get hurt when they shouldn’t, and that can be easily cleared up with simple explanations and apologies. Mean and abuse are two words we won’t be worried about here, won’t be allowed!

    I trust Iggy when he says he will recognize excessive and implicit and explicit…

    Don’t we all suffer from that defiance disorder? Isn’t it part of what makes us wonderful?

  5. 6176746f6c6c65

    I’ll do my best to comply as well. I’ll work on hiding the implicit provocations (wait: that only applies to other members here; nothing to worry about, iggy; my provocations, implicit they may be, will be directed at non-members only). OK, OK, just joking. Too early for me without massive ingestion of caffeine.

  6. QnofHrts

    oh if I *have* to (sigh). 🙂
    I told Mountain Man about this site – hopefully he’ll come join us.

  7. Queen, that would be nice.
    Since I’ve not been able to meet him in person, online would be good!

  8. fnord

    This was in ‘Quotes of the Day,’ and fits when talking about blog conduct.

    “Few people can see genius in someone who has offended them.”
    – Robertson Davies