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  1. iggydonnelly

    Sorry, one more thing, you will have to cut and paste the above address into your browser.

    I promise, it will be worth it…

  2. prairiepond

    Wow. Way cool. Mother Jones is one of my favorites too. I remember when I first subscribed, way back in ’77 or ’78, there was a huge spread about the dangers of St. Ronnie Ray Gun and why there were no circumstances that could justify electing him preznit. They predicted exactly what he would do, and the price that we would all pay.

    He did and we did. It was all true. Hence my philosophy “never question Mother Jones”. I’m doing my best to raise as much corn as I raise hell. Even though I’m a farmer, I find hell much easier to raise than corn. No ‘coons raiding hell, ya know?

    I dont subscribe anymore though. I was so much older then, but I’m younger than that now! 🙂

  3. Mornin’ pond. I occasionally get a taste of the farm life. I don’t feed the cattle, but take care of all the smaller animals.
    I have a dumb city boy question, the chicken coop there appears to have never been shoveled out. Isn’t that a bad idea?

    The cattle have their own ‘gaurdian’, a llama named ALI, thus Ali Llama. I joked that Ali needs a girlfriend, …. named Dali for sure!

  4. fnord

    Really interesting! I’ll bet we would all like him, his books, and find his opinions ones we could usually agree with.

    I liked this part of About James Ridgeway:
    “Information and commentary for pissed-off progressive old folks (and future old folks). . . because we’re not dead yet.”

    Some days I have to remind myself of that ‘not dead yet’ part.

  5. prairiepond

    HA! Fnord, but I never have to remind myself to be p.o’d. I do think we’d love his books. The politics of age will be ever more important as us boomers get gray.

    SEKB, yeah, not scoopin’ the coop is a bad thing. If it’s been vacant long enough, there may not be many pathogens to cause harm, but it’s still bad. Chickens kick up an enormous amount of dust, and you dont want them breathing old poop dust.

    Besides, what you scoop up is good for the garden and other plants. It can be really “hot” though, so apply with caution or you will burn up your plants.

    I’ve found the chickens to be surprisingly easy to raise. At least they wont try to kill me like 2000lb mama Herefords will. And hogs. Hogs are just mean. Tasty, but mean.

    Kinda like an old girlfriend I had…. heheheheh.

  6. prairiepond

    And fnord, you are SO far from being “dead yet”.

    The column I wrote about you and our other Mom pal visiting got picked up by another columnist. I should have charged syndication fees, but she just selectively quoted me. Fair use and all.

    I’ve had folks stop me in the grocery store, the hardware store, etc. and tell me how much they liked the story of your visit.

    You are famous, right here in dry river city!

  7. fnord

    You know, you might be begged or coerced into sharing some of your articles here — just until your little paper has an online presence?

    I’ve never been famous before. I wonder if it will change me? 😉

  8. prairiepond

    And SEKB, about the guardian Llama, I think that is way cool. When animals are raised properly, they do cooperate when appropriate. Even our old Border Collie used to let the cats lie on him when it was really cold. Even so, I dont recommend mixing preditors and prey.

    And I dont normally post links to cute stories, but this one got to me. A buddy in Austin sent it. Just gotta love Jasmine. Dont we all need someone to snuggle us, give us a welcoming lick, and keep us warm? heheheh

  9. Thanks pond, I thought it was not good, my friend is not exactly a maintenance guru, but neither am I. He’s a retired railroader. Has a bulldozer in his front yard that quit running, there’s a redneck joke in the making huh?
    You may be a redneck, IF…..your yard ornament is a rusty bulldozer!
    Neet folks though, bee-keepers too.
    One cool ‘yard ornament’ is the flatbed trailer with a redwood hot-tub on it, WOOD fired, no less!

  10. fnord

    I was wrong (again!). I am famous — at the grade school a block away. This grade school is in one corner of a small city park.

    My canine friend, Ginger, and I go there most days and we both gave ourselves jobs to do in our park. Ginger gets to be off leash and her job is to put the squirrels back in the trees. I take along a bag and clean up after humankind, who are a messy bunch.

    The kids at the school are sometimes out on the playground and they are always so excited to see Ginger and the hooman that comes with her. I’m known, and famous there, as “Trash Grandma.” One day a teacher came quite a distance from the playground to the city park area to tell me how much they appreciate my efforts!

    My sister who visited last week thinks there should be a commemorative plaque like the ones on the highway, “This park maintained by Trash Grandma.”

  11. prairiepond

    “Trash Grandma.”

    Now that’s funny, and I dont care WHO ya are!

  12. prairiepond

    “You know, you might be begged or coerced into sharing some of your articles here”

    I’d have to cut them down, as currently, they are about the size of “War and Peace”.

    My editor calls me a wordy biotch!

  13. prairiepond

    And speaking of my job, gotta go.

    But as Ahhhhnold would say, I’ll be back!

  14. 6176746f6c6c65

    prairiepond, while it is said “brevity is the soul of wit”, there are times when one doesn’t want to be considered witty. Why only use one page to say something when five pages say it better? 🙂

  15. prairiepond

    Heheeh Numbers guy.

    My thoughts exactly. Why use one word when you can use ten!

    Beside, I obviously like the sound of my own voice…