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I recently visited the admissions sites of the colleges attended by my children, and was reminded once again of the stress and anxiety associated with late March – early April. This is the time when applicants to those selective institutions of higher learning are anxiously awaiting the mail daily, hoping for the “fat envelope” to arrive from the school of their choice.

In our case, the “fat envelopes” came from all schools to which each applied, which resulted in the next decision about which invitation to accept. I’ve always been grateful that we never had to face the situation where either admission was denied; or the student was placed on the wait list.

Parents of high school seniors, and the students themselves: I feel your pain. I hope all of you get the “fat envelope” from the school(s) of choice, and the financial aid offers are generous. While this seems like the most important thing in the student’s life right now, even if the envelope isn’t fat, worry not; college will be what you make of it, and you will be able to achieve a good education at many a fine institution of higher learning. I say that with full cognizance of the value of the networking opportunities available at certain places, but after graduation and a job or two, all that won’t matter nearly as much as it might now seem it will.


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Did I miss something with the Loon?

I guess I missed what you were referring to, sekanblogger.  If I offended him/her, I’d be glad to apologize and ask for forgiveness.


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The Public Square 03/24/09

Hour of Splendor, Bryce Canyon, Utah, 1928 oil on canvas


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Sorry, check out this link:


for our follower…  I think he might be a real cool dude…


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We are not alone…

Because of our various discussions, this humble little blog has been linked  by an author who writes for one of my favorite magazines Mother Jones.  I hope this link was not done due to my late subscription response, but if it was, I was very impressed… and dudes, the check is in the mail…

Here are the links:




Brad, I sent you an email.  Pay attention, please…


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Rules for blogging here…

These are some decency, common courtesy,  standards for bloggin’ that I am borrowing from Arianna Huffington.  I’m relatively sure, she wouldn’t mind.

I will delete comments that:

  • are abusive, off-topic, or use excessive (I know how much that is, when I see it) foul language
  • use ad homonym attacks, including comments that celebrate the death or illness of any person, public figure or otherwise
  • contain racist, sexist, homophobic, or any other slurs
  • are solicitations and/or advertising for personal blogs or websites
  • are posted with the explicit or implicit ( we can tell when it is implicit, even if you can’t) intention of provoking other commenters or staff at Prairie Populists and Progressives.net
  • Plus, because as my anti-hero, Ronald Reagan said, “I paid for this microphone”; I can do whatever I think is required.
  • Disagree with any of the above?  Pay for your own microphone, asshole…

[The last two bullet points were mine, not my bff,  Arianna’s.]

If I have to delete you, more than one time, you will be considered for banning from this site.  I will run this by my tender hearted friend, fnord.

She, trolls, is your advocate.   I, on the other hand, am not…  Think defense versus prosecuting attorneys…


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